Make An Easter Egg Wreath for $5 {Dollar Tree Crafting}

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I love crafting with supplies from Dollar Tree.  Earlier this week, I shared the Magnetic Chevron Memo Board I made for my new office (which is slowly but surely coming together) and today I’m sharing the Easter Egg Wreath I made to adorn our front door for the next month.  The beauty of this wreath?  It will hold up in the weather with no issues, and all for $5.  Bonus, you can put the whole thing together in about 10 minutes.  I know you guys love 10 minute wreaths, as evident by how frequently this one has shown up on Pinterest.

Make An Easter Egg Wreath for $5Getting Started

This wreath is so easy, it’s ridiculous!  As long as your kids are old enough to be trusted not to stab themselves (or someone else) with floral wire, they can do most of the work for you!  It would actually be great fine motor skills practice!

Easter Wreath 5 Dollar SuppliesYou need the following –

2 pks – 18 eggs each – Plastic Eggs (look for the eggs with holes in the tops and bottoms)

2 pks – 6 ft each – Floral Wire

1 roll Ribbon

The Hardest Part

aster Wreath String EggsThe hardest part of this project, and it’s not hard at all, is stringing the eggs.  If you found the eggs with holes in the tops and bottoms (Dollar Tree!), this is just like threading a bead.  Take one pack of eggs and arrange them in whatever pattern you like.  One at a time, thread the eggs onto the floral wire.  Go in through the whole on the bottom of the egg and out through the whole at the top.  Do that 17 more times.  And then, pick up the other piece of floral wire and do it all over again.  When you finish, you should have two strings of 18 eggs.  It gos pretty quick, I promise.

Easter Wreath Pet LoveTwister

This is where things get twisted…literally.  Lay your two strings of eggs side by side.  Twist the ends on on side together several times to secure them to each other, then gently twist the egg strings together.  You can to twist then snugly against each other, but not so tight that the eggs push each other apart.  Bring the ends together and twist again to secure the two ends together.

Easter Wreath Egg TwistOnce you’ve twisted the ends together, you can snip off the extra floral wire using scissors and a pretty heavy hand.  Now you can shape your wreath into a circle, or if you chose, you could manipulate it into more of an egg shape.

Easter Egg WreathTwistUse your ribbon to make a bow (a great way to cover up your twisty wire connection) and add a loop to hang your wreath… then you’re done!

You can hang your wreath inside, outside or anywhere you chose.  And, at $5, you can chose to use it for one season or save it for years to come.

Do you have any favorite Easter or Dollar Tree crafts?  We’d love to see them!

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12 Responses to Make An Easter Egg Wreath for $5 {Dollar Tree Crafting}

  1. So super cute and bonus on how easy it is! Looking forward to making one with my girls~! Pinning! Thanks!

  2. What a fun craft and I can’t believe how inexpensive it was to make. That is a really fun, festive idea and I think I want to try to make one for myself.

  3. Christa says:

    This is awesomely easy and I love it. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

    Love from SITS!

  4. Ashlee says:

    I tell myself I’m going to make one of these every single year. I need to buckle down and do it! I can’t complain because all of my supplies are $1! : )

  5. Stephanie says:

    We’re going to make these this afternoon! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Cute! Looks easy to do too!

  7. Carly says:

    I love these eggs!

  8. Great idea! I can’t believe that only cost you $5.00!

  9. Paige says:

    Super cute and easy! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Elizabeth says:

    how do you make the wreath sturdy in order for it not to collapse when you go to hang it up!

    • mamamommymom says:

      The floral wire is actually pretty stiff. Between that and twisting the two strings together, I had no issues getting my wreath to hold it’s shape. 🙂

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