Make Moving Sweeter – Tips For Moving With Kids

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Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving to a new home is stressful whether you’re two, twenty-two or even my age (we won’t talk about that number).  It can also be a great experience and a lesson in organization and efficiency for your kiddos, if it’s handled in the right way.  Here are a few tips and tricks to help when you’re moving with kids in tow.

1 — Don’t expect miracles.  Set realistic expectations for not only your kids, but yourself as well.  Moving is hard.  Moving with kids in tow is harder.  You will be tired, you will be exhausted and you will all hit your limit.  Take breaks, as frequently as you all need them, and give them some downtime to do something fun in between packing and unboxing.

2 — Purge before you pack.  Clean out the closets, cabinets and drawers a few weeks ahead of any packing.  You might want to “ninja clean” the kids’ rooms (that’s what I call secretly purging things without the kids knowing) to get rid of unused/not needed clothes and toys that will otherwise never be missed, but would cause a huge meltdown if they saw you getting rid of them.

3 — Make a moving day plan and share it.  If you can avoid doing your full move in one day, spread it out.  We had three weeks to make our move happen, so we moved the essentials on day one and had a few mini moving sessions since to get the rest of our belongings moved over.  I gave the kids a rundown of the plan for the day, being sure to include that we’d finish a successful day with a little family fun.


Kids Helping Unpack

4 — Let them be involved.  As adults, especially women, it’s very common for us to take the “get out of my way” approach and handle things ourselves.  Stop.  Take a breath.  What can your kids do that will let them be involved and get something off your plate?  Give them easy tasks with clear instructions.  For example, I gave each kiddo a reusable grocery bag and asked them to pick up all of their shoes and put them in their bag.  Easy enough, right?  They were occupied for five minutes and I had one less thing to pack.  Win, win!

5 — Let them reign supreme over their domain.  Moving day is not the day to argue about toys being put away or where backpacks need to go.  The two rooms in my house that are the “put it there and we’ll deal with it later” rooms — the kids’ rooms.  Once the furniture is in place, I let the kids control what went where in their rooms.  They could spread out, make a mess, basically entertain themselves however they liked as long as they contained it to their rooms.  The rest of the house?  That’s my domain.  Boxes were unpacked, things were put away (the kids can be a huge help with that too!) and organization prevailed.


30 Percent More Icing

6 — Reward their hard work.  In addition to making a little money as “movers” for the day, I promised the kiddos a sweet treat for all of their hard work.  Toaster Strudel™ is celebrating its 30th birthday by putting 30% more icing in all Toaster Strudel™ packages — and who doesn’t love more icing?  Toaster Strudel™ Strawberry Pastries were an excellent way to make our moving day a little sweeter.


Toaster Strudel Strawberry More Icing

Kids Eating Toaster Strudel

At the end of the day, our move was a huge success!  I was happy with the progress we made and the kids were happy with their jobs, their income for the day and ending the move on a sweet note.  My favorite part of our move?  Catching them together, happy in our new home, and spending a few sweet moments together before the end of a very long day.



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7 Responses to Make Moving Sweeter – Tips For Moving With Kids

  1. Jessica H. says:

    Purging before you pack is must! It’s funny, so many years after moving in with my husband, I still feel like there’s so much I could get rid of! Glad your move went well. 🙂

  2. Coolchillmom says:

    Purging before packing is a great tip!

  3. Ugh! We moved 3 times in 2 1/2 years and I see another possible move at the end of this school year. I hate moving so much. Great tips. I found that if I let the girls invite a friend over to help pack, they did more than when it was just us packing. And the friends kept the sisters from fighting as much!

  4. I so loathe moving as an adult, so I know it can be scary and exciting for a kid as well. These are all great tips! And I love doing a little “ninja cleaning” myself every now and again, lol. 😉

  5. Carly says:

    What great tips!

  6. Megan Carpenter says:

    These are really helpful tips! They come at a right time for me because we are moving house next weekend! We have hired the movers (, packed the boxes and we are ready to leave the house. The moving day is on Saturday and till then I need to do all the small touches. I have two wonderful and very helpful kids, but they have their moments sometime, so it isn’t a bad idea to keep them busy and happy during the move! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Justin says:

    Pack similar items in the same box; don’t mix your kitchen supplies with home office documents. And remember to label your moving boxes, when it’s time to unpack you will easily find the things you need from the different boxes.

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