Making a Difference {Today is National “I’m a Mentor” Day} #NationalMentoringMonth #BBBSNMM

Making a Difference {Today is National “I’m a Mentor” Day}

National Mentoring MonthAbout year ago, I added something to my already packed plate.   I joined a few of my colleagues and stepped up as a school based mentor through the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

Each week, I take one hour out of my busy schedule to head over to the elementary school near my office and have lunch with a child that I’m not related to, whose parents I don’t know, whose home I’ve never seen.  I sign in at the office and wait for her class to come by on their way to the cafeteria.  We walk together to lunch, we sit together at a table with other children having lunch with special people in their lives, and we do things together we both enjoy while we eat our lunch.   Sometimes we make Rainbow Loom bracelets, sometimes we play games on my iPad and sometimes we just talk.

Big Brothers Big SistersI was even lucky enough last year to get to take my daughter with me to meet my “little sister” at our end of the year party.

I can’t tell you the details of her life, but I can tell you that she could break your heart.  Until you educate yourself, you have no idea what life is like for some of these kids and just how little positive influence they have in their lives outside of school.  If not with Big Brothers Big Sisters, I urge you to look in your community to see what options are available for you to make a difference in a child’s life, a child outside of your home.

Have any of you volunteered as a mentor?  What do you think of programs like this and does your community have one of their own?

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