Making Memories that Last a Lifetime

Snowflake Tree Ornaments
There are many snip-its of time from my childhood that I remember fondly, none as much as the time I spent with my great-grandmother.  Mamaw Nancy was a great lady, never speaking ill of others and only wanting happiness for everyone.  She used to always have something ready to eat, some little treat for us, because we lived close enough to her to walk and she knew we’d be dropping by.  I learned a lot from Mamaw Nancy, not the least of which was my love for crafting.  We always had some sort of craft going at Mamaw Nancy’s.  Plastic canvas was one of her favorites, and we were constantly sewing coasters, tissue box covers and what not.  Last year, I was reminded of Mamaw Nancy and her love of plastic canvas when my grandmother, Nancy’s daughter, put up her Christmas tree…it was covered in beautiful white snowflakes, now yellowed with time, that Mamaw Nancy made before she passed away just before Christmas in 1999.  
I decided this year to make some of these ornaments for my own tree.   They are inexpensive, virtually indestructible and something that will always remind me of my great-grandmother.  If you can thread a shoe lace, you can make these.  They are incredible time consuming, but easy enough your kids can help.
All you need is plastic canvas (available at any craft store), yarn, needle (with an eye hole big enough to accommodate the yarn) and scissors.
For each snowflake you’ll need two of the pieces shown below.  Once sewn, they just snap together.
Start by stitching all the way around the edges.  You’re simply looping the yard around the exterior row.  You can tie off a knot or secure the tail of your tread in your stitches.
After you’ve made it all the way around, you want to sew the straight threads that create the texture of the snowflake.
Now, finish off the center like so…
Repeat, and snap together for one complete snowflake!
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