Making Musical Memories {A Promise Redeemed}

There is something about music that speaks to us. Music can influence a mood or help us relive a memory. For me, there are songs that instantly transport me back to a time and a place – somewhere distinct or just a phase of my life. I’ve constantly got music going, whether it’s Internet radio or just the background music in my head.

Music is memory.

The Sound of Life

So, when Older Boy became interested in the band, Bon Jovi, I encouraged him. He spent countless hours listening to their songs and learning about the band and their music. After watching a video on YouTube that included concert footage, he excitedly asked to see them in concert, so I promised that if they came anywhere within driving distance I would take him to see them. It was with much disappointment that we checked their concert schedule and saw they were not coming anywhere near Charlotte.

So, imagine my delight when I got an email announcing that Bon Jovi had added a concert date for North Carolina. Sure, it was on a school night and in Raleigh, but to have the opportunity to make an amazing memory for Older Boy…?

I bought those tickets without a second thought.

Initially, to my dismay, Older Boy was not that excited. But, as the show date neared, he became more and more excited, watching videos over and over again and memorizing lyrics. The day of the show, he asked me repeatedly when I would be picking him up from school. His excitement was contagious, and when the clock hit 2pm, I happily left the office and headed to get him from school. We then picked up my friend, Melissa, and headed off to Raleigh.

Spirits were high and we were making good time until we entered Raleigh and hit the traffic caused by several accidents and by concertgoers. The hour cushion I had allotted for traffic quickly was used up and we were faced with the likelihood that the concert would start before we parked. Much negativity came out of the backseat, as Older Boy insisted we were going to miss the whole concert. Finally, in a fit of non-cool momness, I imposed quiet time on the whole car. Well, at least I didn’t say I was going to turn the car around, right?

By the time we reached the arena, Older Boy had fallen asleep in the back. Throwing him on my hip, Melissa and I power walked to the arena and were happily surprised to find out that the show had not yet started. As we attempted to find our seats, the lights dimmed and the band took the stage.

And my promise to Older Boy was redeemed.

Concert tickets = $80
Hours traveling round-trip = 9 hours
The look on Older Boy’s face as he’s Living on a Prayer = Priceless.


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