Meal Planning and Fried Bologna

Meal planning.  I am terrible at it.  I’ve tried on my own, I’ve used meal planning services, I’ve tried to follow along with other bloggers.  I am a meal planning failure.  What I am good at is scraping together something when we really don’t have much of anything.

Not having much of anything these days is simply a result of my poor planning and more of a desire to hurry home and get in my pjs than to stop at the grocery store or heck, even take the time to place an order through my Harris Teeter’s online ordering.  I am become too lazy to order groceries online, drive thru to pick them up and put them away at home.  Ok, maybe not lazy as much as busy with other things.

When I was a kid, there were a lot of times that the lack of food in the house had nothing to do with the missing desire to have an overflowing fridge or the absence of drive to go to the store, and was more of an issue of having the monetary means to buy the things we wanted.  Grilled cheese sandwiches were often a meal of choice, and it was cool as kids, but for the adults it was more of a meal of necessity.  We ate a lot of rice, grits, spaghetti and things that like – things that we cheap and went pretty far.  My childhood favorites include: rice with butter, mayonnaise sandwiches (yes, bread with mayo) and fried bologna.

So, back to meal planning…  In my lack of planning/preparation for feeding myself, I ended up with a few choices for dinner tonight: grits, turkey sandwich, Ramen noodles or bologna.  I know – it sounds like a college dorm room selection.  I don’t have my kids this week, so it’s just me.  Making a full on dinner isn’t on my list of things to do.  Then I started thinking about fried bologna.  Apparently, you guys really like fried bologna too.  Like, more engagement on the Facebook post I made about fried bologna than most of my posts ever see.

I had no idea fried bologna was such a wide spread thing!  I wish I could give you a recipe for fried bologna, but um… you just take bologna and fry it.  Eat it by itself, eat it in sandwich bread,, toast it or don’t, mayo or mustard.  You can go crazy.  It’s bologna!  Personally, I like toasted bread, Duke’s Mayo and fried bologna.

Do yourself a favor and go buy some bologna.  Meal planning, eh.  I’ll have fried bologna.

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  1. Karen Glatt says:

    I have to comment on this post. I totally relate to you about growing up and eating foods that were cheap to get and feed a lot of kids. I love fried bologna and have not had it for years! I will have to try it. We had pancakes, rice with butter, and mayo sandwiches! I feel like we grew up in the same home!

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