When Mom Goes Down… Find Relief in a Fully Stocked Medicine Cabinet

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Find Relief with Winter Medicine Cabinet Staples

When you move, there’s always something you forget. Maybe you forget to set up cable at your new place, maybe you forget to pack your toiletries from under you bathroom sink or maybe you forget to take the bird house out of the tree in your front yard. If you’re me, maybe you forget all about needing to stock your medicine cabinet…and you figured it out about the time you started looking to find relief from whatever symptoms descended upon you.

Stock Your Medicine Cabinet Pfizer

One of my oversights in the whole moving process was the medicine cabinet. I thought about it long enough to go through what we had, dispose of what was expired (proper disposal guidelines can be found here) and neatly replace it all for the father of my children. Moving out, but being the only one moving out, is quite a bit different than packing a whole house. I wasn’t taking the medicines he might need for the kids when they were with him, and I wasn’t taking medicines he might need himself either. I would just make a trip out and stock up on everything I needed for myself.

And then I move, then I unpacked, then I forgot all about the empty medicine cabinet… until this weekend.

Empty Medicine Cabinet Pfizer

I went down Friday night and I went down hard. A blinding headache and nausea that would sideline the best of them… and not a darn thing in the medicine cabinet that would help me. Oy! I should’ve been better prepared! With two tired, hungry kids, I was doomed. If only I had gone to Walgreens to restock my medicine cabinet sooner! I need to stay healthy, not be downed by some germs…because we all know that where there are kids, there are germs, and plenty of them.

Saturday was spent on the couch, at least as much of the day as I could. The kids enjoyed the free-ranging opportunity that a “mom down” afforded them, but by Sunday we all needed out. The first thing on my mind, getting to Walgreens to take advantage of Pfizer’s November promo and stock up on a few essentials for the medicine cabinet.


For us, there are a few must-haves to get us through the Winter months ahead. First, Chapstick. My daughter and I both have a thing about our lips being dry and we can never have too much Chapstick. Second, Advil. For whatever reason, my daughter is particularly prone to random fevers during the Winter. Neither she nor my son are old enough for the adult version yet, so we need to have both children and adult versions on hand. Advil is the only thing that will knock her fevers out. Third, Robitussin. I can not be down like this again this Winter, especially not for a cold. The Day & Night Combo pack is perfect because it lets me treat my symptoms 24 hours a day without worrying about being sleepy during the day or up all night.

Knowing that the November Pfizer Promo offers great savings on all of these products meant it was time to bring them home… just in case. I hope to not need any of them, but I learned my lesson about having the medicine cabinet stocked “just in case”.

Expired Medication

TIP: Before you store your new purchases, take the opportunity to go through the existing contents of your medicine cabinet to check for expired or expiring soon medications.

If you need to restock your medicine cabinet with essentials to help you find relief and stay healthy all Winter long, now is a great time to take advantage of Pfizer’s November promotion and save up to $10 on Pfizer products. Get the details here.

What medications and medicine cabinet staples do you keep on hand to help your family stay healthy and find relief, especially through the cold and flu season?

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8 Responses to When Mom Goes Down… Find Relief in a Fully Stocked Medicine Cabinet

  1. Andrea Kruse says:

    Great reminder! Sorry to hear you were out of the essentials when you got sick, hopefully now you will be ready for next time. I am overdue to update my medicine cabinet. It might be done more often if I moved sometime in the last 5 years!

  2. Moms have no time to be sick at all so it’s important to have all the staples. We have a Walgreens on the corner and it’s our go to spot for everything!

  3. Kendra says:

    Looks like your medicine cabinet definitely needed a good re-stocking! Thanks for sharing about the Walgreen deals!

  4. Laura says:

    I hope you’re feeling better now! And yes, I just cleaned out my medicine cabinet a few weeks ago! So glad I did.

  5. Doesn’t that always seem to be the case when mom is sick? Nothing in the cabinet to take to make you feel better, and we all know moms can’t take sick days. 😛 Thank you for this reminder! Definitely going to go through that medicine cabinet this weekend, throw out the expired stuff, and make a list of what we do need so I can head on down to Walgreens to re-stock. 😉

  6. Ohhh great reminder about checking the expiration date!! I need to do that!!

  7. I don’t even have a medicine cabinet! I need to go through our drawers and see what’s expired and needs to be replaced.

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