On The Move – Hello Michigan!

Welcome-To-MichiganWelcome to Michigan!  Fenway looks thrilled, doesn’t he?  Mother Nature greeted us appropriately with a little snowy show.  Ok, for us North Carolinians, this is a lot of snow.  If you think things have been quite lately here on the site and around on Facebook and the likes, it’s because they have.  I’ve been orchestrating a move from North Carolina to Michigan!  It all started at the end of January with a job offer for my other half, one that was just too good to pass up.  So, I’ve spent the last 5 weeks trying to figure out how to pick up our entire lives and move states away from all of our family and friends.


With a relo package as part of the deal, we’ve had some guidelines to work under and time frames we’ve had to follow that weren’t our own.  We’ve got a house to sell in one place, need to buy a house in the other and have to live and work here in the meantime.  We’ve got movers, real estate agents (one in each state), a relo coordinator, a recruiter (helping me find a job here in Michigan) and about a hundred other things on our plates.  It’s been crazy to say the least!


With a house to sell in North Carolina before we can buy a house in Michigan, we’ll be living for the next month or more in a hotel.  Now, I know all of you that watched Beverly Hills 90210 were crazy jealous of Dylan McKay when he was living in the Beverly Royale.  We aren’t on the Dylan McKay budget.  We’re on the “mortgage payment in another state” budget.  Yeah, so not the same.  Get ready because I’m cooking in a hotel kitchen with one pan and one spatula – yes, quite literally – and I plan to share the adventure.


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