So Much Cuteness, It May Just Kill Me { Meet Peep The Baby Chick }

2 Years ago or so, my daughter proclaimed that she wanted chickens.  When the girl wants something, she knows where to get it… grandma!  It didn’t take much convincing, and next thing you know, the girl is playing “the chicken whisperer” with 5 hens and a rooster.  After some serious knee issues and a scheduled surgery, the chickens had to be rehomed last Fall.  Now that grandma is back on her feet, naturally, we’ve replaced the brood – welcome baby chicks!

Meet Peep - MamaMommyMomMeet Peep

I’ve already picked this one as my favorite of the 5 hens.  I’ve named her Peep.  She was less than 2 weeks old here and so sweet!  She’s a little bigger now, and definitely faster, but still lets me hold her and rub her head.  While grandma does the feeding and watering, we visit the chicks every day.  They grow SO fast and I want them to stay comfortable with us as they get older and bigger.  They have just discovered that pecking is a viable option for making the boy release them when he’s being a little too loving.

Baby ChickLook at those little ears!  And, my nails are a hot mess.  It’ll be a while for Peep and her crew start laying, but I can’t wait for those delicious fresh eggs!  These gals are starting to lose their pretty yellow color and turn a light red, but they are still adorable.  I actually find myself looking forward to seeing them every afternoon.

Baby ChicksBelieve it or not, I can tell the little gals apart, though Peep is the only one we’ve named.  She’ll always be my favorite.

Baby ChickensWho wants to run out and get baby chicks right now?  They really aren’t hard to take care of at all, you just need to have a place they can have a little space and plenty of grass, feed and water.  They really take care of themselves.  I’ll have more pictures in a week or two and we’ll share how they’re growing with you.  I think this will be enough cuteness to hold you over!

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6 Responses to So Much Cuteness, It May Just Kill Me { Meet Peep The Baby Chick }

  1. Kate K says:

    Aww how cute. I have a couple of friends that keep chickens (fresh eggs are the best) and they just love it. One of them is a kindergarden teacher and she actually hatches chicks in class… it’s a class favorite.

  2. Whitney says:

    I would love to have chickens. The downside to living in a neighborhood. Maybe one day.

  3. Miranda says:

    Oh my. Those are the sweetest! I bet those fresh eggs are going to be great!

  4. Carly says:

    Aw, we had chicks growing up! So fun!

  5. That chick is soooo cute. If my husband sees this he’ll for sure want to set up a pen and get some himself!

  6. SO fun! My girl’s would love it!

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