My Kids Are Gettin’ Gutzy! So Are You!

Stick with me until the end and I’ve got a little something special for you guys…
I remember back when I was in school… Eastpaks were the cool backpacks to have.  They were solid colors and had a suede bottom.  More times than not, people would sew or glue patches on them – and sometimes we even used pen and markers to draw on them.  We’re lucky our parents didn’t kill us (figuratively speaking, of course.)  Sadly, most of the time they had no idea what we were doing until after the damage was done.
I have no pictures I am willing to show you.  It was bad, trust me.
I knew that starting school would be a fabulously wonderful time for Addison, full of school supplies and shiny new things.  I also knew that going from a preschool with 40 kids to a school with over 600, there would be a substantial amount more of the ‘so and so has this, so and so has that’ and the ever popular ‘I like hers/his better!’  I was ready for it.  She’s always been a kid who wanted everything that she saw, including pretty much every infomercial product known to humankind.
When she saw the infomercial for these cool backpack straps and patches and it was no surprise that she HAD to have them.  And, HAD to have them now.  Like most things, I thought Gutzy Gear would be a novelty that would wear off in a hurry.  I’ve never been one to respond to Idemands well.  Sadly, she did not get the immediate gratification she desired.  Lucky for us, it wasn’t long before we got invited to a little party to introduce Gutzy Gear to the masses.  
We were so impressed that we hosted a Gutsy Gear Party of our own!
From the very first day of school, Addison’s Gutzy Gear patches have been proudly on display.  She and her friends talk about them all of the time.  She really enjoys being able to rearrange them, swap them out or trade them and I really enjoy knowing that we aren’t compromising her backpack (and subsequently my wallet) or her personal style options (yes, my 5 year old has a ‘personal style’ – don’t they all?).
We’re a little over a month into our Gutzy Gear adventure, and I am happy to say that they have held up incredibly well!  I was skeptical at first, as the straps and patches rely heavily on Velcro, but this is obviously top notch quality Velcro!  It hasn’t even begun to show any signs of failing.
We’ve been very happy with the selection of patches available, both for girls and boys, and the fact that they come in very affordable combo packs.  There are many, many options to allow you child to display their interests and favorite things, without being locked into those choices for the life of a backpack.  
Another thing we really like is the versatility of the strap covers themselves.  They work well on pretty much any style of straps, from your standard backpack to your gym bag.
The things we don’t like so much… Yes, there are things we think could be improved.
First, I would love to see color options available for the straps.  The black base of the straps is ok, but the yellow trim is a little loud and out of place on my daughter’s pink backpack.  I think it bothers me more than it bothers her, but color options would be nice none the less.  It would also make it easier for families with multiple kids to keep up with which belongs to who.
Second, a little extra non-Velcro space around the outside edges would make the patches easier to pull on and off.  These suckers stick and they stick well.  While that’s a great thing in general, it can make the patches a little difficult to get off.
Third, aside from ordering online, Gutzy Gear isn’t widely available in our area yet – but I hope to see than fixed soon!
So, there are good and bad parts (as with everything), but overall we think Gutzy Gear is a WIN!
Do you think your kids would like to have Gutzy Gear of their own?  You said yes?  AWESOME!  I have a few sets of straps and patch packs to give away!  Just enter on the nifty Rafflecopter form below!

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The opinions in this post are my own and no one else’s. The products being given away were provided by Gutzy Gear.

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