My new favorite food…Bagel Thins!

I am a sucker for a Herby Turkey on an Everything Softwich at Bruegger’s.  I love the mix of flavors on the bagel.  Mmm!  My mouth waters just thinking about it.  Too bad I won’t be enjoying one of those any time soon.
I stumbled on these delicious little creations last week at Target.  I knew about Thomas’ Sandwich Thins and have been enjoying those a bit lately.  These things are awesome!  They have about 1/3 the calories and fat that the Bruegger’s Everything Bagel has and just as much fiber.  The taste is spot on too!  They hold up really well in the pantry (I’ve had mine for over a week) and are great with just about anything.  I had one tonight with tuna salad.
If they are available in your area, you should definitely pick some up on your next shopping trip!
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