Not Such A Baby…

My baby boy isn’t such a baby anymore.  I suppose at some point, I should stop calling him a baby, especially since he celebrated his 3rd birthday today!
Little dude is in love with tractors.  I always try to let the kids choose their own party theme, and of course, little dude wanted tractors.  Where better to have a tractor party than on a farm?!  There’s this awesome farm just down the road from us, Breezy Meadows Farm.  They board horses, do riding lessons, camps, parties and other functions.  They’d hosted a wedding just last week!
Here are some of the pictures from little dude’s party…

Whew!  Everyone had a great time, adults included, and it’s definitely on our list off venues to use again!
Happy Birthday, Little Dude!
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  1. Stacy Kaiser says:

    he is forever, Sir Squishy. The baby boy.

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