My Office Makeover {The Planning Stage}

It’s been a long time coming and I just can’t do this anymore.  I can’t keep working in these conditions, in this room.  I need my own space…again.

Office SpaceBefore we moved into our current home, we had a cute 2 bedroom townhouse in the city.  It had a nice, open loft on the second floor.  It was painted a bright, but light blue, with everything trimmed in crisp white moulding.  That served as my office, my reading space, my place to workout – my space.  When we moved to our current home in 2004, I was sad to see my bright little office go, but excited to be moving out of the city and into a much bigger space.  While the space was bigger, it didn’t have any extra rooms – much bigger rooms, but no extra rooms.

For a while, I used one of the extra bedrooms as my office.  Then we started having babies.  Babies and their stuff take up space.  Bye-bye office of mine.  I was relegated to a corner of the family room and there I have stayed.  As the kids got older, their toys got bigger.  The dining room became a playroom and the table breakfast nook became our only dining space.  It was great – we were all on the same level, the small ones safely gated away from any trouble they could find up the stairs.  They played, I worked.  I worked, they played.

The kids are now 4 (almost 5) and 7.  Both can be trusted with scissors and (usually) glue.  I don’t have to worry about them going through my bathroom cabinet or eating my lotion.  No playing in the toilets or splashing in sinks.  Slowly but surely, most of my daughter’s toy have made their way to the insane mess we call her room and my son is gradually starting to follow suit.

Speed it up, son.  Mommy needs an office, and she needs it now.  Actually, she’s going to have it now, so let’s just go ahead and get adjusted to the idea, m’kay?  Planning is already in full swing and Spring is just around the corner.  I plan to work by the light of my new office window before the end of April.  I’ve picked my colors, I *think* I’ve picked my furniture, and I’m slowly but surely building my decor ideas on My Office Makeover Pinterest board.  We’ll see if I can solidify my choices and stay on plan.

What do you think of the things I’ve added to my “pin”spiration board so far?  Anything you love?  Anything you hate?  What ideas do YOU have for my office?  I think the best designs come from collaboration, so lay them on me!  If you’re a blogger and have a project that you think would be perfect, share it with me and I’ll add it to my “pin”spiration board!

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12 Responses to My Office Makeover {The Planning Stage}

  1. I love the chevron pattern. I am a plain jane, though, when it comes to decorating. I hardly have any color in my home and I think part of it is that the kids destroy anything nice that I do have, so I keep things simple for now.

  2. Kendra says:

    I LOVE that chevron light! If this helps, I posted about re-doing my office/craft room a couple years ago and thought that the expedit might be useful to you:

  3. Awesome organization!!! I can’t wait to start fresh with our new house. I may use some of your ideas for our office too since we don’t have one now.

  4. Amanda H. says:

    I love how you prominently display your race mementos! As someone who is just getting started running myself, it’s such an inspiration!

  5. I’m loving the gray and yellow color scheme that you seem to be sticking to in your Pinterest.

  6. You KNOW I’m chevron obsessed love that! I’m in the process of giving our whole house a facelift and haven’t even started the office yet.. I might need to check out your pins for some inspiration 😉 I’m big on teal right now, so kind of going with that theme throughout. I’ve found going with a color is easiest to start when decorating.

  7. Whitney says:

    I love the chevron with the yellow and grey color palate. Oh to have a home office space of my own. One day! Kids don’t stay little forever.

  8. Laura says:

    I am dying for the day I live by myself so I can get an office. I’ve got enough stuff to fill a whole room! And I love your color scheme and that you have your race stuff on the wall! Definitely following the board to see what else you come up with!

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