Oh, her pretty face!

Well, Addison’s birthday pictures this year will be filled with memories.  Memories you can’t overlook.  You’ll see the memories all over her face.  Well, her forehead really.  The memory of the twirling, the tripping and the thump.  Yes, my baby has a big, nasty battle scar right smack in the middle of her forehead.  I thought we were going to end up in the ER.

I made her a new tu-tu yesterday.  She was so excited to try it on.  A little too excited perhaps.  She was whirling and twirling and tripped.  Down she went.  Head first.  Right into the edge of the top of my wooden file cabinet.  Before she even picked up her head, she was already bruised and swollen.  At first, I thought she’d cracked her skull.  There was a dent, a big dent.  Then I realized that it was just from her head swelling up around the site of impact.  Poor baby 🙁  She cried and cried.

All is well today.  Except the big bruise and line in the middle of her forehead.

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One Response to Oh, her pretty face!

  1. Doesn’t it kill you when that happens, it’s so painful for them, and the bump and than the crying… hope the bruise heals fast!!

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