Unscheduling, Letting Kids Be Kids, and a New Way To Paint Together

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How To Paint with PIping Bags

With summer on the horizon, my kiddos are already asking “what are we going to do this summer?”.  Over-scheduling is the norm with these guys, and it’s not always because I want to, but because we have to.  Losing so much time to school and homework during the week leaves a lot to cram into our weekends.  When I was a kid, summer meant running around outside with my sister, playing make believe, riding our bikes… normal kid stuff.

That’s what I want my kids to do this summer: just be kids.  No gymnastics once a week, no soccer, no birthday party after birthday party.  I want them to use their imaginations, play with each other, learn how to do something new on their own terms.  I want them to get out and get dirty.

Painting Supplies

My daughter is super into art, so I always try to have supplies on hand for her to flex her creative muscles.  My son is interested sometimes, but not always.  When we decorated cookies for Christmas, I noticed that he was really, really into piping icing.  It was the first time we’d made iced cookies using piping bags.  I will admit that I’ve been super mesmerized by the cookie decorating videos that have been showing up in my Facebook feed.  I was thinking about those the other day and decided that I might be able to use cookie decorating to get my little guy on board with a little more art this summer.

Filled Piping Bag

While piping amazing cookies is art in and of itself, we can’t spend the summer with a house full of iced cookies.  None of us need that, especially me!  So, I decided to try piping paint onto canvas instead.  I must say, I was rather pleased and am sure that this is going to be a project my kids will be ALL ABOUT this summer!

My inspiration for my design was a coloring page from an adult coloring book I bought last year.  Sometimes adults like to be kids too.

Sketch Out Your Painting

You can pick up canvas, paint and piping bags at Walmart.  The only other things you need are scissors, a pencil and a glass.  The glass makes it easy to fill your piping bags.  Just put the bag inside of the cup, fold the edges over the outside of the cup and fill.  Pull up the edges and lift the bag out and you have a paint filled piping bag without the mess.

Using my coloring page as a guide, I lightly sketched a rough outline onto my canvas.  Did you know that pencil will erase off canvas, just like off paper?  Yep!  If you make a mistake, just erase it.

Piping Paint

Pick a color, fill your piping bag, snip off the very teeny-tiny tip of the bag and your ready to go.  You’ll want to twist the top of the bag to help keep the paint flowing evenly (see the picture near the top of the post with the yellow paint filled bag for an example).  I started with yellow since it was the central color for each flower and worked out from there.  I suggest finishing off everything you plan to do in one color before moving to the next.  Once you’ve piped on all of your colors, all that’s left to do is leave your artwork to dry!

Piping is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, but if you’ve never piped before, I’d suggest a little practice before you put paint to canvas.


If you want your background to be colored, I suggest painting it a solid color before you sketch your design on in pencil.  My art work will be hanging on a light blue/gray wall, so I wanted to leave the background white for depth.

How does it look?  I know it’s not exactly like the page from the coloring book, but I never aim for exact.

All Fresh Clean Essentials

While this project isn’t super messy, when you let kids be kids, it’s inevitable that you’re going to end up with dirty clothes.  all® fresh clean Essentials™ has you covered!  This new product is available in two varieties – all® fresh clean Essentials™ Fresh Scent and all® fresh clean Essentials™ Fragrance Free.

All Fresh Clean Essentials Sulfate Free

all® fresh clean Essentials™ gives you a sulfate free, powerful clean without the harshness.  This helps you preserve your kids clothes while letting them be kids!  It’s has only the essential and effective ingredients for deep down cleaning.  As with all products, follow the directions for use on the packaging exactly for the deepest clean.  You can purchase all® fresh clean Essentials™ at Walmart.com.

How are you encouraging your kids to be kids this summer?  Do you take a break from organized activities, let your weekend plans be “kid-led”?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Waiting Room Blues – Skip The Wait with Doctor On Demand

This post was sponsored by Doctor On Demand as part of a Blog Blast Activation for Influence Central.  

image 1 pediatric video visit 1

I am not a fan of waiting.  I never have been.  When I’m not feeling well, my patience goes from minimal (at best) to non-existent.  I’m not proud of it, but it’s the truth.  Between all of the day to day “must-do’s” and obligations of life, I often avoid going to the doctor when I don’t feel well simply because I don’t have the time.

That’s not healthy for me or my family, and I know it.  Enter Doctor On Demand

Doctor On Demand provides video visits with board-certified physicians and psychiatrists, and doctorate-level psychologists via smartphones, tablets, and computers allowing you to get the fastest and most convenient medical treatment you need from the comfort of your own home.


To experience this amazing service, simply download the free Doctor On Demand app, provide a list of your symptoms, and you are instantly connected for a video visit.  Medical visits are just $40 or less and your visit may be fully or partially covered under your health plan.  Register and find out!

No more excuses for me, and no more excuses for you!


dod logo large (3)

Doctor On Demand physicians can diagnose and treat specific conditions like allergies & asthma, acne or other skin issues, and can provide prescription refills!  The average wait time to see a doctor is under three (yes – 3) minutes!  Imagine dragging your sick kiddo to the physician’s office and waiting an hour or more for an antibiotic… Doesn’t Doctor On Demand sound so much better?

Check out Doctor On Demand on Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to download the app and save $10 off your first visit!

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Back To Work Wardrobe Favorites

Favorite Work Clothes

I’ve officially been back to a 40+ hour a week office job for three weeks.  I’m alive, but barely.  Getting up, dressed in a professional manner, and out of the house by 6:30 has been challenging.  I am exhausted.

Being that I haven’t worked in a professional office environment for some time, my wardrobe was severely lacking.  Aside from a suitable dress or two, I didn’t have much that fit the bill.  Three weeks in, I’ve found a few pieces that are now essential parts of my summer wardrobe.

Everything pictured above is from Kohls, with the exception of the blue heels.  Those pretty little height-adders are from Nine West, the Kristal Platform.  My boyfriend loves them because he’s super tall, so he doesn’t have to bend down as far for a little peck when I’m wearing those.

The black heels are Croft & Barrow.  They are far more comfortable than the blue heels from Nine West, but they don’t give me the same height boost.  It’s ok.  My boyfriend can’t always have a tall girlfriend.

The pants are Apt 9 Trousers.  Yes, I bought them in three colors.  They are also available in brown.  I will probably break down and order those soon.  These are easily the most comfortable dress pants I’ve ever worn.

You may notice that two of the tops look very similar.  That’s because they are the same style, just two different prints.  I am so in love with these shirts, it’s ridiculous!  They are super cute and super comfy!  They are Dana Buchman Drapeneck tops.  They are very reasonably priced too!

The teal top is from Apt 9 and the style is called Embellished Mock Layer Tank.  It is also super comfortable and has some length to it, which is important for girls with small waists and bigger thighs.  If a shirt is too short, it just accentuates the size of my thighs.

Last but not least is the Chaps Striped Faux Wrap Top.  It’s really comfy too, though it is a little low cut and I need to wear a little tank top underneath to cover up the girls a bit.  While it is sleeveless, the shoulders cap just a bit and that gives it a more professional look.

I’m sure as I do more shopping I will have more fun finds to share with you guys.  In the meantime, do you have any summer trends – work or casual fashion – that you’re loving right now?  Share them in the comments below.

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Fixing Your Marriage Isn’t As Easy As More Date Nights

just married couple on the beach ride white scooter

If you’d asked me about marriage 17 years ago, I would’ve given you the fairy tale answer. I was committed to the man I loved, I was getting married, I was staying married and that if by some crazy stretch of the imagination I ever got divorced, I would never marry again. Once and done. If I couldn’t make it work the first time, clearly marriage wasn’t for me. Being married would be easy. We loved each other and that’s all that mattered, right?

Ignorance truly is bliss.

17 years later, this divorced mother of two has very different opinions of marriage.
Marriage is hard. It’s anything but roses and sunshine. Well, maybe it is like roses, but it’s like roses on a giant thorn filled bush. You want the beautiful bouquet, but to get it you need to put on thick, long sleeves, heavy gloves and be willing to risk the thorns and a little blood shed to clip their stems, clean them up and bring the beautiful bouquet inside. And all of that is after you’ve feed it, prevented pests from destroying it and kept it watered all Spring and Summer long. You can’t ignore it until the point of near death, through some fertilizer at it and hope to bring roses in the house next week. Roses don’t work that way and neither do marriages.

Fixing a marriage that’s in trouble isn’t as easy as reading “date-night” articles and trying to have more fun together as a couple.  It’s about a lot more than that.  My marriage wasn’t health long before I got to the point of wanting a divorce.  When you’re to the point of questioning divorce, there are much bigger issues that need to be tackled along side those.  The ideal time to fix a marriage that’s in trouble is far before you get to the point of the “d-word”.  Could knowing how to fix things before they were broke beyond repair have saved my marriage?  Maybe.

Marriage Fitness is an innovative step-by-step relationship-changing system that teaches you how to save your marriage. You’ll learn to neutralize your problems and put into practice a system of relationship habits that will shift the momentum of your marriage. And the best news is—you don’t have to dig into your past, dredge up your problems, or practice communication techniques. This is not marriage counseling; it’s Marriage Fitness!

Click here to subscribe to Mort’s “Seven Secrets To Fixing Your Marriage.”

About Mort Fertel:

Mort Fertel is a world authority on the psychology of relationships and has an international reputation for saving marriages. In addition to working with couples, he teaches individuals how to single-handedly transform their marital situation.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Mort was the CEO of an international non-profit organization, and a former marathon runner. He lives with his wife and 5 children (including triplets!) in Baltimore, Maryland.

If you’ve been there yourself, what tips do you have for couples who may be having struggles in their marriage?

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Mother’s Day Giveaway – Win $240 in CASH

Mother’s Day. The one day we all get pampered and spoiled (at least in theory). We’re hoping that this one will be a day to remember. So, we’re giving you the chance to win $240 in PayPal cash. If you win, we hope you treat yourself to an amazing day. Go to the spa, take a late lunch. Pamper yourself. Not a mom? No worries, if you win you’ll have $240 in cold hard cash. Wouldn’t that be sweet?  Maybe you could do something extra special for your mom?

What do you have to do to win? See below and follow the directions. You’ll be introduced to some really cool blogs and social media accounts. Want to enter every day? Tweet about the giveaway and you’ll get some bonus entries. We can’t wait to pick a lucky winner just in time for Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day $240 Pay Pal Cash Giveaway!! (3)


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What I Feed My Best Furry Friend (And A Recipe For Lemon Pepper Salmon)

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Steamed Lemon Pepper Salmon

Have you met Fenway?  Of course you have!  He’s my furry sidekick, my constant companion and one of the things that mean the most to me in life.  And he’s cute.  He’s the center of attention everywhere we go and he loves it.  Moving to Michigan has been a big change for my little buddy.  He’s gone from spending his evenings running around in our yard to being stuck inside this hotel with me (not much longer, buddy!) and he’s handling like a trooper.

Up Close and Personal with Fenway

He’s by my side 24/7 and he loves it.  We had to board him for a week when we went back to our old house to deal with mover and real estate agents and I think it was just as hard on me as it was on him.  When I picked him up, he couldn’t wait to give me a big wet kiss.  Keeping him happy and healthy is just as important to me as if he were one of my children.  In fact, just like my kids, he even goes on play dates!

Fenway on a playdate

Fenway and his Border Collie buddies are a high energy breed.  Nutrition is a huge part of keeping them happy and healthy.  We’re always running, jumping and chasing things and it takes a good diet to keep him in tip-top shape.  Good nutrition comes from real, whole ingredients, not a bunch of fillers.  DISH from Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® is made with real ingredients you can see and your dog can taste.  Fenway loves the DISH Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe with Veggies & Fruit variety and picks out the carrots to eat first thing!

Rachael Ray Dish

n 2007, with help from pet nutrition experts, Rachael Ray created Nutrish super-premium food and treats for dogs inspired by recipes from her own kitchen.   Real U.S. farm raised beef or chicken is always the #1 ingredient and you’ll never find any corn, wheat, soy, or gluten, poultry by-product meal, fillers, artificial preservatives, colors or artificial flavors on the recipe label.  DISH from Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® is available in two varieties:

  • DISH Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe with Veggies & Fruit
  • DISH Beef & Brown Rice Recipe with Veggies, Fruit & Chicken

You save while making the switch to DISH from Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® by grabbing this coupon.  *Note – When switching foods, gradually introduce the new food by incorporating it into your current dog food over the course of 7-10 days. Slowly replace your dog’s current food with DISH from Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® until it’s completely switched over.

You can see more of Fenway and all the crazy things he does (including a glimpse of his hotel high-life on my Instagram page.  Just click the image below.

Border Collies on Instagram

Now that we’ve talked about feeding our furry friends, let’s talk about feeding ourselves something inspired by whole food and real ingredients…

Steamed Salmon on a Bed of Lemon Slices

Steamed Lemon Pepper Salmon is a stove top dish.  It’s super easy to make, super tasty to eat and is full of the good fats.  The flavor comes from lemon and pepper, not a lot of sauces, and it ready in about 10 minutes.  It pairs perfectly with pan roasted potatoes and asparagus, or any other veggie that might be in season.

Steamed Lemon Pepper Salmon

Steamed Lemon Pepper Salmon


  • 1 lb Salmon Fillet
  • 2 Large Lemons
  • 2 Tablespoons Ground Pepper
  • Water


  1. Remove the zest from the two lemons and chop it finely.
  2. Mix lemon zest and pepper in a bowl.
  3. Rub the salmon fillet with the lemon pepper mixture and allow to sit for about 5 minutes.
  4. Slice the lemon into thick slices and use them to line the bottom of a skillet.
  5. Place the salmon fillet on top of the lemon slices.
  6. Add water to the pan (enough to cover the bottom of the pan, but not touch the salmon.
  7. Cook on high, covered, for approximately 10 minutes.
  8. Add more water as necessary to keep steam going.
  9. Cooking times may vary depending on the thickness of your salmon fillet.
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Where to find Rachael Ray Dish

I picked up Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® DISH at my local Target, but it is sold at a variety of retailers in store and online. Discover a location near them by visiting this store locator.

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Create A College Care Package For The Adult Learner

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College Care Package for Adults

Moving 600+ miles away from the only home you’ve ever know is HARD. Moving 600+ miles away to a state you’ve never stepped foot in is even harder.  I was lucky enough to have a friend living in the area we transferred to and she’s been an integral part in our house hunt, as well as helping us learn the area and find all of the resources we need to make the transition as smooth as possible. She’s scouted out properties for us while we were still living back home in North Carolina and answered all of my crazy questions.

I wanted to do something nice for her, like send her a little something to show her how much we appreciate all of the help. She’s in her 40’s and is back in college, balancing life as a college student, wife and mom. I decided to send her a little “college care package” to get her through those long studying sessions between meal prep and homework with her own kids.

College Care Kit Essentials

The most important part of putting together a care package for anyone is knowing what whey need.  I know she takes both classes online and on campus.  I know she’s conscious about snack habits.  I know she needs something to take a break with from time to time.

With all of this in mind, I headed out to do some shopping.  My first stop was Kroger, where I picked up the new Extra® 35-stick packs.  Both Extra® Gum Spearmint and Extra® Gum Polar Ice® are available in durable, recycled packaging and will survive being tossed into whatever bag she’s carrying for the day.  With more gum in each pack, she doesn’t have to worry about running out either.  I also picked up snack packs of almonds and dried apples to get her through those long study sessions.

Proper supplies are a must, so I picked up some cute file folders, sticky notes (who doesn’t need those?) highlighters and pencils.  You can never have enough highlighters or pencils.  And knowing that she needs to stay charged when on the go, I grabbed a portable power bank for her phone.  They are super convenient and I highly recommend everyone have a few.  Taking a few minutes to decompress is just as important as studying, so to encourage a little break time now and again, I picked up an adult coloring book and new pack of colored pencils for her.  I’ve had mine for a few months and love to break it out when I need to veg out for a few minutes.

Cute Storage Caddy

I didn’t want to throw all of her goodies in a box or basket, so I picked up a storage caddie instead.  It made a cute vessel for delivering my goodies and is something this can use on her desk or somewhere in her home.  I love the little compartments.  The larger compartment on the back was just what I needed for the file folders and coloring book.

Layering Items In A Care Package

We were so happy to have her help in getting acclimated to a place we didn’t know, and this care package is only a tiny way to say thank you, but I know she will appreciate it – just like we’ve appreciated all she’s done to help us.

Make a College Care Package for an Adult Learner in your life –

  1. Choose a cute, but functional vessel to deliver your goods.  Baskets are ok, but using something that can be used in a practical application later gives you more bang for your buck.
  2. Provide a mixture of snacks, utility tools (in this case, office supplies) and something recreational (like an adult coloring book).
  3. Know who you’re shopping for.  If you don’t have a good idea of what the person needs or can use, don’t be afraid to ask their family or other close friends.  The gesture of sending a care package is always nice, but it’s even nicer when the recipient needs what you’re sending.
  4. Package you loot in an appealing manner.  Layering the goodies front to back creates dimension and allows you to really see what’s in your care package.
  5. Ship it.  Even if you live close by, ship or drop off the care package without trying to meet up.  It will be a nice surprise and your friend won’t feel pressured to add another appointment to their already too busy schedule.

Extra at Kroger

New Extra® 35-stick packs are easy to find in the check out aisle at your local Kroger.

Who could you show a little love with a care package?  If someone was making a care package for you, what would it include?  Tell us in the comments!

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Back Among The Working


My feet are killing me.  After a hiatus, I am back among the working.  I got my first real job when I was 15, and with the exception of thirteen month break after having my son, I have always worked.  Even then, the break after my son wasn’t intentional. The company I was working for was going out of business. I spent most of those 13 months trying to find a job.

Finding a job was HARD.  It took 5 weeks of spending hours every day looking at postings, submitting applications, phone calls, proficiency tests… I understand how people can get stuck in jobs they hate and have little hope of moving onward and upward.  If you ask people hiring, they will tell you there’s a lack of qualified candidates. Ask someone who’s looking, they will tell you there’s a lack of decent paying jobs.

New jobs mean new experiences, and while I’ve held a “professional” position over the last 15 years, I’ve worked for companies in the construction or home building industries and jeans and tennis shoes/sandals in the office were the norm. My new job?  Not so much. I’m relegated to slacks, dressy tops and shoes that my feet weep about. Being on the short side, slacks require heels (or alteration and I don’t have the time or money for that).  What once were “night out” shoes are now 10 hour day shoes and my feet are weeping. My wallet is too. Going from a wardrobe of jeans and tshirts to office attire is financially exhausting.

So, my feet hurt and I’ve already spent my first paycheck before I’ve even got it.  That’s my life update for the moment.

For those working in business attire, where are you finding reasonably priced clothes and shoes?  I need help!



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Visit Detroit: Morley Chocolate Factory

Morley Chocolate Factory Detroit MichiganMoving to the Detroit area means I have a world of new, fun, exciting places to visit.  I told you earlier this week that we visited 10 states, two zoos, a chocolate factory and so much more over Spring Break and today I’m sharing our trip to Morley Chocolate Factory.  I spotted Morley on our way to dinner with a friend shortly after moving to the area.  Of course, I asked her about the place and she said it was a “must see”.  Some quick research online gave me all the answers I needed, so I called and booked a tour.  Tours are FREE, but times vary depending on the factory schedule, so you do need to call ahead.

Morley Chocolate Factory with the Kids

The tour starts with an approximately 15 minute video presentation.  While this is not always something my kids (especially the boy) enjoy, we were all mesmerized by the story of chocolate.  I learned lots of things even I didn’t know about chocolate.  For example, did you know that cacao beans were fermented before they are dried (and subsequently turned into chocolate)?  Kinda of like grapes on their way to become wine.  The fermentation is a key part of the process.  I had no idea.  We also learned a lot about how cacao farms operate (no big machinery here – it’s a “by-hand” process) and how they impact their local economy.

Sanders Ice Cream

We also learned about how Morley Chocolate and Sanders Candy Company both started and how they eventually became one.  Both companies have a rich history and it was interesting to see how well they have merged two brands into one.  We also got to eat chocolates.  Fresh ones.  They were pretty darn amazing.

After the video and chocolate tasting, we headed out into the observation hallway.  Unfortunately, I can’t share pictures of what we say there.  Photos and videos are a no-no, so you’ll just have to go see it yourself.  I can tell you about what we saw though.  I’ve been inside of a food production plant before, so I had a good idea what to expect.  It’s a lot like the old episode of I Love Lucy where Lucy works in the candy factory.  We say some HUGE bricks of caramel (fifty pounds each!), all of machinery to make the caramel, keep the chocolate flowing warm and to cool and package the candies.  The candies we actually watched the process for where Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels.  I have always loved them and now I appreciate them even more!

Candy Store at Morley Chocolate Factory

We learned about the quality inspection process, what happens to the candies that don’t fit the bill and all about where the machinery used in the factory comes from and Sander’s/Morley’s commitment to the local economy and buying both machinery and raw materials not only in the USA, but from Michigan when possible.  Of course, we got to eat more chocolate too.

What candy factory would be complete without a candy store?  None.  Morley has a HUGE retail store, full of all kinds of candy goodness.  They also have ice cream and ice cream toppings, cakes, and other non-chocolate goodies that Morley and Sanders create.  The kids were like bees trapped in a jar!  They were buzzing from spot to spot so fast that I couldn’t keep up with them.  When we visited, all Easter merchandise was 50% off, so they both landed solid chocolate bunnies among their haul.  I was intrigued by the giant, and I mean three feet tall, chocolate bunny.  I wanted to bring him home just because of his awesomeness, but I also knew I’d want to eat him and that would be bad for my hips, waist and pretty much every other body part.

Morley Chocolate Factory Candy Store

I’ll be adding posts about fun Detroit spots soon, but if you head this way, be sure to stop and check out Morley Chocolate Factory and buy ALL.THE.CHOCOLATE.

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Kicking Off The Day With Breakfast

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Jimmy Dean through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Jimmy Dean Delights, all opinions are my own.

Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Sandwiches

My days go one of two ways: Normal Crazy or Insanely Crazy.  Normal Crazy would be the “get everybody out the door” kind of morning.  Insanely Crazy would be the “get everybody out the door while simultaneously scheduling real estate agents, movers, inspections and fielding calls from work” kind of morning.  Lately, more of my days have fallen into the second category.

I don’t know about you, but when my morning is slow to start or just doesn’t go as planned, it can make the whole day seem like it’s going downhill.  When I get up and moving for the day, there are three things that have to happen for me to have a good morning.  First, I have to walk the dog.  Seriously.  Before I do anything else, I take him out to do his business.  If I don’t, he will be underfoot worse than a toddler.  Second, I have to brush my teeth.  Maybe it’s silly, but I just can’t seem to wake up and move in a forward direction with my mouth full of morning breath.  Third, I have to eat breakfast.  It doesn’t have to be a huge meal, but it does need to be something made with real ingredients.  I need something nutritious and filling in my stomach to help me power through the morning.

Jimmy Dean Delights for Breakfast

I’ve often talked about the importance of protein at breakfast.  Protein helps fill you up and give you the energy you need throughout the day.  Jimmy Dean Delights are an excellent source of protein, making it possible to enjoy a wholesome breakfast any day of the week.  With crazy mornings like mine, morning sometimes runs into lunch.  After a filling, protein packed breakfast, I know that I won’t have to worry about pushing lunch back a bit if I need to finish up a project or run out for a real estate showing.

To show America where these real whole grains are grown, Jimmy Dean had a real mom and a real farmer swap mornings. How cool would it have been to be her?  This mom experiences a morning on the farm while the farmer got to see how his hard work helps power moms’ mornings.  Check out the video and see what the experience was like for each of them.

Jimmy Dean Delights are made with real ingredients like whole eggs, lean meat and real vegetables, providing families with a delicious, wholesome breakfast option to start the day off right.  I love that they are ready from the microwave in just two minutes.  That’s less time than it takes to run through a drive-thru and you don’t have to guess what’s been used to make your breakfast sandwich!  The croissant was light and fluffy, the sausage was flavorful and the egg was cooked perfectly.  

Jimmy Dean Collage

Jimmy Dean Delights are a quick and easy great-tasting breakfast that I can enjoy at home or on the go, and “on the go” happens a lot.  How do you manage getting the wholesome breakfast you need while living a life “on the go”?


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