Mommy Guilt – Ditch It! {Dr’s Orders from Travis Stork MD} #CrestProHealth #Sponsored

Today’s post on Mommy Guilt and how it affects our health is sponsored by Crest Pro-Health and the One2One Network.  Join in on the conversation by commenting here and/or joining us on Facebook and Twitter.

Mommy Guilt Drs Orders #CrestProHealth #Sponsored MamaMommyMom 2When I found out I was going to have the opportunity to sit down with Emmy nominated TV Host of The Doctors, and board-certified emergency medicine physician, Dr Travis Stork to talk health – I knew exactly what I wanted to ask about: Mommy Guilt.  I think it’s slowly but surely damaging all of us, and doing damage to far more than just our mental health.  Mommy Guilt is damaging our physical health and setting the scene to damage our children’s health as they grow older too.

Interview Dr Travis Stork #CrestProHealth #Ad MamaMommyMomWhen I sat down with Dr Stork (and a big thanks to my friend Carissa at Good n Crazy for taking this picture), I asked, “As moms, we neglect ourselves a lot.  Is there any one thing we neglect that you would say does more damage than the others?  We skimp on meals, we skimp exercise, we skimp on sleep…”

Dr Stork – “I don’t really think there’s any one thing.  It’s all of the above.  The one quote I always like to use, particularly with mothers is, ‘it’s not selfish to take care of yourself.’  And, as a doctor, I always say that by taking care of yourself, you’re really taking care of your family.”

Dr Stork has partnered with Crest and Oral-B Pro-Health to help other understand that a healthy mouth is an important part of a healthy body.

Dr Stork – “You’re also a role model in that sense.  Your daughter sees you committing to the little things for yourself and when your daughter grows up they’re going to do the same.  They model themselves after you.  With oral care, for instance, if your kids see you brushing your teeth, flossing and using Crest Pro-Health rinse everyday, then the kids are like ‘Oh, that’s cool – mom is doing it.’  If they see you skipping everything, you know… they’re watching everything.  And that’s where it gets back to you.  By being selfish, you’re actually doing good things, not only for you but for your whole family.”

Being selfish can be a good thing.  Let go of the Mommy Guilt.

Dr Stork and I discussed running and how my kids always want to join me.  I feel guilty for leaving them behind, but I know that I can’t always let them go with me.  I do need to actually run more than a quarter mile at a time and the kids really can’t keep a pace that gets me the exercise I need.

Dr Stork – “Moms have to let go of the guilt for doing that.  It’s Doctor’s orders!  It’s the best thing for you.  It’s the best thing for your family.  Committing everyday to doing simple things that are good for you… it’s huge!  Whether you’re talking about oral care or other little things, instead of viewing them as chores, view it as doing something good for yourself.”

Dr Travis Stork #CrestProHealth #Ad MamaMommyMomI’ve personally recommitted this week to my oral health by making time every single day for flossing, brushing (I always brush) and using Crest Pro-Health rinse.  Crest Pro-Health is the only rinse that delivers both anti-cavity and anti-tartar benefits in one.  It takes 4 minutes tops and not only makes me look and feel better, but it helps to improve my overall health.  Plus, my kids see me doing it and want to do it too.  There’s no reason to let Mommy Guilt stop me from taking 4 minutes to brush, floss and rinse.

Dr Stork – “Whenever you feel the guilt creeping in, that when you say that actually you should feel guilty for not doing the things that are healthy for you.”

Who struggles with Mommy Guilt?  How do you battle it?  Let’s talk it out and ditch the Mommy Guilt.  Remember, it’s Dr’s orders!

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Five Summer Camp Truths

Summer is a magically time of the year… at least if you’re still a kid.  For the adults, it’s usually the same old, same old – but for kids of working parents, it’s summer camp season!

Five Summer Camp Truths - MamaMommyMom

1) Your kid will always smell of sunscreen and usually of sweat.  It is a semi-permanent stench, at least through the summer.  If you’re lucky, you’ll be back to just sweat by September.  When choosing sunscreen, sniff carefully.  You’ll be smelling this scent A LOT.  And forget even trying to get the smell out of their clothes.  You’ll just be lathering them up again before they throw on that t-shirt and head off to summer camp anyway.

2) Your kid will dread getting up to go, probably more days than not, but will never want to come home.  You’ll be begging them to get in the car in the morning, and again at pickup in the evening.  Where ever you need them to be is exactly where they won’t want to be.  Something about summer camp makes kids want to sleep in, but never leave once they get there.

3) Kids will be dramatic.  Best friends to worst enemies and back again inside the span of a week.  Girls are the worst.  Someone said something mean or maybe she took the color of construction paper your kid wanted.  They are NOT friends anymore.  Don’t worry, they’ll be BFFs by next week.

4) Someone will always be doing something cooler than you.  You may be taking your kid to the beach, or to a theme park or something equally summerish, but there will be at least one kid at summer camp who needs to one-up your kid’s excitement and make your trip to the beach seem less than thrilling.  We’re only a week in to our summer camp adventures and I already know about all the kids who get to take horse back riding lessons, Disney trips, etc.

5) Your wallet will never feel lighter.  Paying for daycare sucks, but somehow, the value of a hard days work goes up exponentially in the summer.  Too bad my paycheck doesn’t go up too.  In addition to higher tuition, there are all of those cool activities the kiddos get to do and all of the fees and supply costs that come with them.

What have you learned to expect from summer camp?

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Summer Fun at the US National Whitewater Center {Charlotte, NC}

Summer has firmly landed in North Carolina, and after spending far too much time inside this winter, we are all ready to be out enjoying the sunshine!  The family and I packed up and headed out to the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC to do just that.  If you live nearby and you haven’t taken the time to visit the Whitewater Center, you have no idea what you’re missing!

Day Trip at US National Whitewater CenterFirst off, no the whitewater center is not normally as crowded as it is in the pictures below.  The day we headed out also happened to be their annual Memorial Day celebration.  So, in addition to all of the cool everyday activities, there were also bands and fireworks.  The whitewater center hosts A LOT of festivals and events, so there is always something fun going on in addition to the normal activities available.

Day at US National Whitewater CenterObviously, there is a whitewater course (which we didn’t hit up on this trip) for kayaking and rafting, but there are lots of other great activities too!  There is flatwater canoeing, paddle boarding, rock climbing, zip lining, ropes courses, mountain bike and running trails and oodles of people watching!

Like Mother Like DaughterLike mother, like daughter!  The girls put on our running shoes in preparation for a lot of time on our feet.  Clearly, we like bright things and don’t want to get lost after dark.

Piggybacking at US National Whitewater CenterMy son never wants to wear athletic shoes, and despite holding him down and strapping a pair on, he still ended up piggybacking for a good bit of the day.  We all enjoyed walking around the trails and taking in the beauty of nature.

Ziplining at US National Whitewater CenterWhile there is no cost to visit the whitewater center, you do have to pay for most of the activities.  You can pay by the activity or you can buy a day pass.  In my opinion, a day pass (or even a season pass) is the way to go.

My little bit, she inherited her mama’s fear of heights.  Despite that fact, she still wanted to zipline.  Ask and you shall receive.

I was so proud of her for being brave, and despite looking a bit nervous on her way up, she had an amazing time and immediately wanted to do it again.  In fact, she can’t wait until she’s big enough to do the really long Mega Zip!

Spending the day at US National Whitewater CenterAfter trails, zipping and otherwise running around, we found a spot by the whitewater and hunkered down for some dinner (they have some decent food and it’s reasonably priced) – and yes, I let my kids have soda now and again.  The kids loved watching the rafters and kayakers take on the whitewater.  To be honest, I was pretty impressed myself!

Sleeping at US National Whitewater CenterEven before we made it to the fireworks, little dude was so worn out that he passed out right on my lap.  I think the sound of the rushing water may have helped.

The whitewater center was a great way to spend the day out enjoying the summer weather and something that we plan to do often this summer.  What types of things do you enjoy doing with your family outdoors in the summer?

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We’ve Grown By Four Paws {Introducing Fenway!}

I’ve been dying to add a running buddy to our already full house.  The opportunity to add to our family presented itself a few weeks ago, and after working through a few details, we’ve finally brought home my new running buddy and the newest arch nemesis of Kitty Kitty…  Introducing, Fenway!

Border Collie - Fenway

Why A Border Collie?

I decided a while back, after spending a fair amount of time around the breed, that a Border Collie was what I wanted when and if we added 4 more paws to our family.  BCs are an incredibly intelligent breed and very eager to please.  They develop strong bonds with their families and make excellent companion dogs, as long as you lead an active lifestyle.  Knowing that I ultimately wanted a running buddy made the breed’s activity level exactly what I wanted.  As far as size goes, I wanted something larger than our first two furbabies (Toy Poodles) and something a little more sturdy for the kids without getting a massively large breed.

Hubs had decided a few months ago that I could look into puppies.  I had actually already found a litter due in August (and from a breeding source I had faith in) and was in the process of getting the parents info when fate decided to toss me a curve ball and the opportunity to adopt Fenway fell in my lap.

Fenway Border CollieFenway’s Story

Fenway’s life isn’t a sad story.  He’s really had quite a good life.  He came from a home where he was loved, well taken care of and was happy, happy boy.  In fact, his owner literally cried when she handed him off to me.  It was clear that she loved him very much and wanted to make sure he was happy and content with his life, and as hers had gotten more complicated, Fenway just didn’t get what she felt like he needed anymore.  Deciding to rehome him was a tough decision for her and her boys, but she felt like it was for the best and her boys agreed.

Border Collie Car RiderSo, how did I end up with Fenway?

Those Border Collies Ive been hanging out with… the ones that made me realize I wanted a BC as my next furbaby?  As it turns out, Fenway is family.  Literally… as in, Fenway is offspring of the male, grandson to one of the females and brother to the other female.  When their Human heard Fenway needed a new home, he immediately asked me if I would be interested in being Fenway’s new mom!

Of course I was interested, but there was much more that had to happen before Fenway came home with me.  I communicated extensively with Fenway’s owner, had an in person visit, she checked me out through references and there was some convos to be had between me and the hubs.  In the end, it took almost a month to settle everything, but Fenway came home to his new home earlier this week.

Border Collie Play BallHe’s a little drooly and a whole lotta active, but he’s already fitting in here amazingly and the kids and I are in love.  Hubby, well, he’s still a work in progress but Fenway is growing on him by the minute.

Check out this super cute video I posted on Instagram of Fenway playing ball with his dad and sister today…  Isn’t he awesome?!  (Helpful tip: Fenway and his dad look A LOT a like!  Fenway is the one with the most white.)

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Struggling with Sleep? Creative Tips Battling for Insomnia #insomniahelp #ad

This is a Type-A Parent paid post to discuss sleep issues, and to share a new insomnia resource from the National Sleep Foundation.

Insomnia Help - Battling Sleep Issues #insomniahelp #ad - MamaMommyMomIt’s funny how people say “I slept like a baby.”  Clearly, they must be referring to some baby I’m not familiar with as I can assure you that sleeping like either of my babies would never be a good thing.  They fought sleep tooth and nail, eventually losing out to an often fitful, movement filled night – and by night I mean a three hour stent, just enough to make it hard for them to fall back asleep.  That is not the kind of sleep I want.  I want to go to bed, fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed (or at least a little less zombie-like than the day before!)

I’ve faced my own share of sleep struggles.  Sometimes it’s insomnia, other times it’s a household disturbance (like a sick child) and sometimes it’s as simple as having an uninvited bedmate.  Yes, the perils of parenthood are countless and a lot of them result in poor sleep.  I have a few tips and trick I use to help me (and my little ones) get to sleep, because we all need our full night’s rest, and some additional resources for you from the National Sleep Foundation.

Sleep Issues #insomniahelp #ad - MamaMommyMomMy biggest problem when it comes to sleep is the inability to shut my mind down for the night.  I have SO much going on in there!  There are grocery lists to make, to-do lists to write, schedules to pour over and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Let me get started on any friendship or work related issues and my mind can race all.night.long.  I know there are a lot of people who struggle with this and I have a quick tip that I picked up a few years ago in therapy (yes, therapy).  It may seem crazy, but this will really work if you give it a try…

The next time you find yourself lying in bed with your mind racing, start at 1,000 and counting backwards (in your head – not out load) decrease your number by 7.  So… 1000, 993, 986, 979, 972 and so on.  Keep this up.  For most people, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your mind will stop racing and you will find sleep.  Counting backwards by 7 is just difficult enough that your brain has to focus on the task (it can’t wander like it would if you were counting down by 5) and this allows you to settle down and drift off to sleep!

My second biggest problem (and a much harder to deal with one) are my bedmates.  I mentioned uninvited bedmates earlier… As you can see, I often end up with one kid (sometimes 2) or a dog (sometimes 2) and maybe a cat in the bed with me.  If I’m lucky, this doesn’t happen until the sun comes up and then we’re all in for a good early morning snuggle.  On the less than good nights, I have a kiddo crawling into my bed at 1 or 2 in the morning, and that’s disruptive for all of us.  If, by some stretch of the imagination, my creeping bedmate doesn’t wake me up – no harm, no foul and we all stay put – bur more often than not, at least my bedmate and I are awake and attempting to reclaim our once peaceful sleep.  I’m still battling how to deal with this issue.

Do you deal with sleep issues too?  Is insomnia a battle you face or is your biggest problem the “creeping bedmate”?

Be sure to check out a new resource from the National Sleep Foundation at – a good place to start if you think you have insomnia or aren’t sleeping. The National Sleep Foundation is your trusted resource for everything sleep – understanding how sleep works & why it’s important, learning healthy habits, creating a relaxing bedroom & bedtime routine, & finding solutions to your sleep issues.

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How To Train Your Dragon 2 {The Reviews Are In!}

First off, a HUGE ‘Thank You” to 20th Century Fox for inviting my family and I out for an exclusive invite to a pre-screening of How To Train Your Dragon 2 earlier this week.  Second, if you liked How To Train Your Dragon, you’ll love How To Train Your Dragon 2!  I will warn you… if you have half a heart, bring a box of tissues.  This movie will make you cry.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Review - MamaMommyMom*warning* SPOILERS AHEAD *warning*

Now that I have that out of the way, you guys are going to love this movie!  The family and I were invited out to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 in 3D earlier this week.  The kids had known about the invite for about a week and were super excited!  We were big fans of the original How To Train Your Dragon (Toothless stole my heart from the beginning) and spent the week watching various clips in preparation for round 2!

Both kids have been watching the trailer for days and asking “When are we going?” “What theater are we going to?” “Do we get to watch it in 3D?”

*warning* LAST CHANCE TO TURN AWAY *warning*

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is action packed from the beginning.  The movie opens with dragon racing, flying sheep and a missing Hiccup.  Rather than being “chief in training” as his father wants him to be, Hiccup and Toothless are off soaring the skies, perfecting Hiccup’s new found ability to fly and discovering new lands to explore.  Exploration can be a dangerous forte, which Hiccup quickly learns as he happens upon a group of dragon trappers who try to take Toothless.

Smarter than your average dragon, Toothless won’t be taken and Hiccup learns of a far away dragon master and his plans to command a dragon army.  Disobeying his father’s will and taking matters into his own hands, Hiccup goes on the hunt for this so called dragon master and seeks to reason with him.  While Hiccup doesn’t find what he’s looking for (at least initially), he does find something he never imagined… his mother.  After meeting mom, it’s clear to see where Hiccup gets his dragon loving ways.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Review (3) - MamaMommyMomIt’s not long before the dragon master finds Hiccup and his reunited family.  With power over the alpha, the dragon master controls all the dragons – even Toothless.  This is where it gets sad… tragic death… and at the hands (er… claws?) of Toothless.  My heart shattered.  In his heartache, Hiccup can’t see clearly and blames Toothless for the loss of his father, driving him away.

Clearly pained by what he’s done, Toothless puts his life on the line to protect Hiccup, his family and all of Berk from the dragon master and his command over the alpha.  Toothless, the small, sweet Night Fury, rises up to challenge the alpha in an epic battle – one that it appears he has no hope to win.  Of course, just as it looks like the battle is lost, Toothless pulls everything he has together to defeat the alpha.  Just as Toothless rises to protect what’s important to him, so does Hiccup as he steps up to lead the village.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Review (2) - MamaMommyMomHow To Train Your Dragon 2 is full of life lessons for kids of all ages, though my recommendation would be that this movie is best suited for children 4 and up.  Be prepared to discuss separation, death, hurt and anger, as all are present at one point or another.  If your child is simply fascinated by dragons, they may completely gloss over these parts.  Though all of those are present, there is also a huge undercurrent through out the movie of love and forgiveness – life lessons that we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

Overall, we give How To Train Your Dragon 2 an A+ rating!  We’re also excited of the prospect of a How To Train Your Dragon 3 and what adventures might lie in store for Hiccup, Toothless and the rest of the Berk dragon riders!

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Win Your Dream Vacation {Sponsored} #RCIDreamVacay #Clevergirls

Dream Vacation #Ad #RCIDreamVacay #CleverGirls - MamaMommyMomIf you had asked me years ago about my dream vacation, the answer would still be the same as is it today – I want to visit the Galapagos Islands.  They are lush, tropical and overflowing with amazing wildlife – and anyone who really knows me knows that I like animals more than I like people!  I’ve been fascinated by the Galapagos Islands since watching a documentary back in the 90′s about the islands and their native, the Blue-footed Booby.  How could you not want to vacation with a bird with blue feet?!

Our most tropical vacation thus far has been to Siesta Key, Florida.  We visited back in 2005.  It was hot, but it was amazing!  I saw tropical birds, dolphins, incredible fish and the most amazing beaches!  It’s a vacation we’ll never forget.  We sailed on the Gulf of Mexico, relaxed in the sun, ate amazing seafood and relaxed like I’ve never relaxed before.

Dream Vacation FlamingosRCI, the global leader in vacation exchange, is giving away 40 vacations in celebration of their 40th anniversary!  Through RCI’s “Win Your Dream Vacation Sweepstakes,” you have the chance to win a dream vacation worth up to $25,000.  Visit to enter to win until June 18 – and the more you share your dream vacation through social media, the higher your chances of winning!  Where would you go with $25,000?!

Everyone deserves (and should take) a vacation!  Did you know that the 8 weeks leading up to a vacation are marked with a boost in happiness?  And, if you have a truly relaxing vacation, the two weeks after returning home will see an even bigger boost in happiness during their first two weeks home post-vacation.  Our yearly beach trip is just 6 weeks away and I feel happier already!

Where would you go if your vacation was paid for?  What about if it was paid for to the tune of $25,000?  Would you find a tropical beach or would you relax at a mountain spa?  Is the hustle and bustle of a busy city more your liking or do you want to be as far away from the city as possible?  Tell me where you would go on your dream vacation, then head over and enter to win your own dream vacation from RCI.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Times Have Changed { My Kids’ 1980s Summer }

I don’t know if you’ve read it or not, but there’s an article floating around about 10 ways to give your kids a 1970s summer.  Knowing what I know about my growing up in the 80s and how much times have changed, I have little hope for my kids to experience a genuinely 1980s summer, but I will give them what I can.

My Kids' 1890s SummerAt my son’s age, I was playing in the backyard on my grandparents 4 acres, relatively unsupervised.  At my daughter’s age, I was off on my bike for hours on end.  No cell phones, no checking in every half hour.  Honestly, I’m not sure that anyone really knew where I was half of the time.  As a kid, it was bliss.  We knew all of our neighbors (not that there were that many) and all of our neighbors knew us.  We didn’t think twice about knocking on a door to ask for something to drink (though, looking back, we probably annoyed the dickens out of some of our poor neighbors) and certainly didn’t blink at the thought of taking food or candy if it was offered.  We played in the street until dark, walked to the convenience store nearly a mile away and never felt unsafe.

Fast forward 30-something years and I worry about my kid riding her bike around the block.  Maybe it was the ignorance of the 80s that was my bliss for us and maybe things were really just as scary as they are now and we simply didn’t know.  I can’t turn my kids loose outside for hours on end without worrying.  I can’t let my daughter take off and ride her bike the mile to her friend’s house.  I would never, ever be ok with my kid knocking on anyone’s door that wasn’t one of our immediate neighbors.  I can’t give my kids all of my 1980′s childhood, but I can give them some of it.

Raising Chickens and DucksI spent a lot – A LOT – of time outside as a kid.  We had cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, rabbits and a host of other animals.  Living in a subdivision inside the city means we can’t have those critters running around in our own backyard, but we can have them at grandma’s.  My childhood home has become my children’s second home and I love it.  At grandma’s now, we have chickens and a few ducks.  As far as the chickens and ducks, my dad takes care of the ducks (who are still pretty young right now, despite their size) and my son helps my grandma take care of the chickens (ridiculously easy!).  My kids will know what it’s like to have pets beyond dogs and cats, they will know what it is round up loose chickens, gather eggs, watch baby chicks grow and probably get pecked for rough handling a time or two.

photo(21)Time outside with the chickens and ducks mean less screen time instead of more, it means fresher food instead of more processed food and it means life lessons (coyotes can be a bit of a problem).  Chickens are also amazingly cuddly and sweet (as long as you aren’t squishing them) and give lots of options as far as summer learning.

Playing in the woodsI spent a lot of my childhood exploring.  I explored the yard, I explored the neighborhood, I explored the woods.  I’m trying to teach my kids to explore their world, even when it doesn’t look like there’s anything to find.  We’ve lived in the same house for 10 years, and until this spring, I had no idea this creek was in the wood behind our house.  As it turns out, it’s an excellent place for my son to dig and my daughter to find pretty rocks and flowers.  It’s also a great spot to teach the kids about poison ivy, ticks and mosquitoes (oh the perils of enjoying nature!)  Science is one of my favorite things to share with the kids and this place lends itself to an exponential number of summer lessons.

Blackberries and CactusOne of the things I want my kids to learn is that there is beauty in everything.  While 2014 may look nothing like 1984, and the world may look like a lot darker place now than it did then, there is still beauty everywhere and in everything.  There can be just as much beauty in a 2014 summer as I had growing up.  Even though times have changed, I will give my kids what I can – even if that’s just chickens, trees and berries.

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I Bought My Kids A Death Trap {Or At Minimum, A Trip To The ER}

I made a promise to my daughter over a year ago… Let me take down and sell the play structure out back and I will replace it with a death trap (aka – a trampoline).  She’s called me on my lack of follow through several times, and with today being the last day of school and the “I’m bored!”s already in full swing, my ability to dodge her relentless request has faltered.  I ordered the death trap.  It is set to arrive today.

photo(14)I have always loved jumping on trampolines.  Since having kids, it’s not quite a fun as it used to be, but I’ll still get on one just about anytime the chance arises.  I also spent most of my childhood with at least one friend in a cast of some sort at any given time.  Broken arms, broken ankles, fractured wrists… all the results of a little rough housing on the trampoline.  We didn’t have those crazy net/cage things like you can buy now.  No, we spent our afternoons trying our best to bounce each other off the things and out into the yard.  For us, it wasn’t a death trap, but rather an instant rush.

Fast forward to my parenting days, and all I see when I look at a trampoline (at least where my kids are involved) is a trip to the ER for potential broken bones or head trauma.  Needless to say, our trampoline – when it lands tomorrow – will be complete with a net.  A very, very strong net.  As rough as my kids can be on solid ground, I think a netless trampoline would send us to the hospital within a day.  The netted version may still as well.  My kids could turn a padded room into a death trap.  I’m pretty sure the net will simply add to the cage fighting aspect of their relationship.  Perhaps I could rent it out to the other parents in our neighborhood.

What’s your take on trampolines?  Are they a safety concern for you or not?  Do your kids have one?  I hope my kids make some amazing memories on their new death trap, that’s assuming they leave me alone long enough to assemble it.

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Mutineers { I’m Crushing On David Gray }

David Gray has a new album dropping June 17th, Mutineers, and thanks to an advanced free download from One2OneNetwork, I can tell you that it is amazing!  If you’re a fan of his work, you probably already know about the album and his tour this summer.  But if you don’t know David Gray, you should!

David Gray MutineersMutineers is by far my favorite David Gray album (though, who couldn’t love the White Ladder album?)  It’s melodic, relaxing and everything I want in my favorite music.  I was pulled in from the very first track, Back in the World.  It’s upbeat, energetic and lively, but not loud and hard on the ears like some other artists.  I’ve been listening to Mutineers in the car, in the bed (yes, I’ve fallen asleep listening to the album twice) and in my office while working.  As it gets warmer outside, I can see myself sitting outside with a glass of wine and Mutineers in the background.  David Gray makes great music to do pretty much anything by.

Of the 11 songs on the album, there is only one I don’t really care for – Cake and Eat It – and that’s not that it’s bad per se, just repetitive, a little too repetitive for me.  The rest of the album is wonderful and I just skip that track when it shuffles up.

David Gray is touring this summer!  I’m thrilled that he’s coming to my city, but sad that I’ll be on vacation when he does.  Bummer!  The US tour starts August 1st in Massachusetts and hops around the US through September.  You can see the full list of tour dates here.  You can also connect with David Gray and all of his amazing music on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Are you a fan of David Gray?  Are you planning to buy/download Mutineers?  You can pre-order your copy on Amazon or iTunes today.  Check out the video above for Back In The World and let me know what you think!

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