The Perfect American Girl Spa Birthday Party

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The Perfect American Girl Spa Birthday Party

American Girl Party Spa from MamaMommyMomI have been promising you guys a wrap up of our American Girl Spa Party for almost a month!  The holidays and one illness after another have got in the way, but I finally have it all together and ready to share.  After a lot of planning and some work to make sure everything went off without a hitch, we had a VERY successful American Girl Spa Party for my daughter’s 7th birthday.  I don’t think there is anything I would do differently.

Setting the scene

American Girl Party SpaWith the invent of Pinterest and all of those lovely tablescapes showing up from far more creative people than me, making sure the party table looks great is my new ‘thing’.  I’ve picked up lot of little tricks for making the table look nice, like the layered table cloths.  Using the two table cloths (pink and purple) and the metallic blue wrapping paper, the table has a little more dimension – and just looks pretty.  I pulled the blue, pink and purple into the homemade bunting (scrapbook paper, adhesive backed letters and garden twine) and used the same blue wrapping paper to cover a box to create a stand for my marshmallow pops.

I picked up the back massagers at Walmart for $1 each.  They added nice color to the table while acting as a space filler and they gave the girls another spa experience they would enjoy.  I decided to pick up plastic wine glasses at our local party store to serve the girls some sparkling grape juice.  They loved having juice in their fancy glasses!

Use What You Have

American Girl Party DecorI wanted to play up the American Girl theme as much as possible, so I grabbed up a few boxes and used them as table decor.  It was perfect!  No fuss, no cost (well, except for paying for what came in them!) and I didn’t have to worry about what I’d do with it when the party was over (hello, recycling!).

For the bunting, I happen to have a small stash of scrapbook paper.  Rather than go out and buy more paper in exact matching colors, I dug through what I had and found something close enough.  After hanging the bunting and standing back, you couldn’t see the color difference anyway.

American Girl Party Marshmallow PopsMarshmallow pops were seriously one of the easiest things I’ve ever made.  Again, I used as much of what I already had as I could.  I grabbed an empty box and wrapped it in the same blue paper I used on the table.  Poking a few holes made it a perfect pop holder.  To get the sprinkles to stick to the marshmallows, just dip the end of the marshmallow in a shallow bowl of water before you dip it in the sprinkles.  They stick pretty well and the kids thought they were a fun little treat.

The Cake

American Girl Cake Spa PartyMy sister is a pretty darn awesome baker/cake decorator.  I gave her a picture of a cake I found online, she made a few modifications and bam!  A perfect American Girl Spa Party cake!  I loved the cute little cucumber slices and nail polish bottle.  Pretty much the whole cake was edible, though I didn’t give any of the girls a chance to break a tooth on the gum paste sleep mask.

The Goodies

American Girl Party Goodie BagsA friend of mine picked up these little American Girl craft sets at Marshalls.  Each had 6 (I think) little bags in it that you could decorate with die-cuts and two-sided adhesive tabs.  I thought they would make perfect little spa goodie bags for the girls, so I put them all together and filled them with both things for the party and things for the girls to take home.

For the doll sized spa wraps, I grabbed cheap kitchen towels at a discount store and some adhesive backed velcro squares.  I trimmed the width of the towels to make them the appropriate length to fit the dolls, applied the velcro and called it a day on those.  They were perfect for the girls to wrap their dolls in for their spa treatments.  Our little goodie bags also served as a great place for the girls to stash any of their doll’s clothing they took off.

The girls all got headbands and hair tiebacks to use at the party and take home with them.  We did clay face masks and didn’t want anyone having goopy hair when we finished.  Each girl also had a bottle of nail polish to take home and a homemade spa soap that I made using easy to find soap making supplies.

We didn’t want our dolls to feel left out, so I designed cucumber slice stickers to go over the dolls eyes.  Each girl got a set for her doll to wear.  The cucumbers were printed on low-tack shipping labels (that I later cut out into circles) so they could stick them on their dolls faces without worrying about being left with a sticky mess.

The Activities

American Girl Party FriendsFirst and foremost, what would a trip to the spa be without a facial?  Once the girls had their dolls all wrapped up and their hair all pulled back, we had them lay down in the floor and we applied a little clay mask to each girl’s face, and added cucumber slices to their eyes.  They loved the cucumber!  Most of them giggled their way through us applying the mask, while a few took their spa experience very seriously.  Once they laid still for a few minutes, we lined them all up in the kitchen and wiped them down.

After their facials, each girl had the chance to have her nails done.  I found some neat double-sided nail polish/pens at our craft store that worked pretty well.  We sat the girls down in groups and worked our way through base coats and a simple nail design for each girl.  Girls that weren’t getting their nails done either played with their dolls or chatted with each other.

After nails, it was time for the cake!  Of course everyone loved the cake.  The girls enjoyed it right along with the marshmallow pops and sparkling grape juice.  After about half of the girls filtered out to head home, the girls that remained changed themselves and their dolls into PJs and hunkered down in the family room to watch Saige Paints the Sky and eat popcorn and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

American Girl DollsMy perfectly happy American Girl loved her party and her so did her friends!  We’re still working on our doll rooms, and after her birthday and Christmas, we’ve added a good bit of stuff to our stash.  I’ve got a few projects coming up, including an American Girl Sofa, that we can’t wait to share with you!  We’re also looking forward to our next big giveaway, which will be an Isabelle doll!  Be on the lookout for the details on that February 1st!

What do you think about our party?  Is it the type of thing your American Girl would love?

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12 Responses to The Perfect American Girl Spa Birthday Party

  1. anna m says:

    That is such a cute party! I love all the little details and it looks like they all had so much fun!

  2. Tonya says:

    Oh my goodness! What a cute idea. My daughter loved her American Girl doll when she was younger. She would have loved this– and that cake was too cute!

  3. Tracy Gibb says:

    This party is awesome! When I was younger I loved the American girl dolls. I think the 11 year old in me is jealous! 🙂

  4. I wish my daughter was younger again so we can do this. It looks like So much fun and the cake is amazing!!!

  5. Carla BeDell says:

    Oh this looks so fun!!! Great job!!

  6. I love it!! Looks like they all had so much fun!

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  8. demetria says:

    Hey I love theme! I’m planning my daughter’s 7th party using this theme. I want some of the boxes what do you suggest I put in them at the store to get them?

    • mamamommymom says:

      The American Girl boxes? They were the packaging for some peices we purchased at the AG store. They don’t package purchases in boxes, it’s just the way some of the products are packaged on the shelf. You might be able to call your store and ask about getting some empty boxes though. I am sure they have some, but not sure if they will give them away or not.

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