Picture My World

It’s no secret that pretty much everyone in our household is addicted to Apple products.  iPhone, iPad, iAnything – They don’t really care so long as they have access to one.  In the past, it’s always been the games.  ‘I want to download a new game!’  Sometimes Addison will want to take pictures (she takes LOTS of screen shots from inside the games) but Cullen has never really cared about the camera.  Until about a week ago.
I don’t know if being a mini-photographer is something every kid goes through or not, but both of mine have.  I was flipping through my photo roll this morning thinking about how everything must look so different from their perspective.  And, so it does.

Here’s a little selection of what boy wonder has photographed this week…

Clearly, the boy likes his mama.  And, yes – I do have on zebra print socks.
Judge me.  I’m ok with it.

Do your kids have a thing for the camera?  Any budding photographers out there?

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2 Responses to Picture My World

  1. Lizzy Do says:

    Aw, so sweet to see the world through his eyes!

  2. Oh yeah, I have a ton of photos Spencer has taken. Love seeing their view

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