Please Leave!

No, not you.  But, I will warn you…if you have a thing about spiders – stop reading now.
So, after dropping the boy off with grandma for the weekend and making a Target run, the girl and I headed home for a little alone time.  She planned to craft with her new glitter glue and I planned to mow the lawn.  I got her all set up with everything she needed to stay busy for a while and I headed out to the garage.  First things first, I checked the oil in the mower.  It was low, but I wasn’t about to go out again this afternoon, so on to gas.  As I reached down for the gas can, I caught sight of a spider.  A Black Widow.  A Female Black Widow.  After running inside to do a quick Google to make sure I was right (and I was), I grabbed my camera and headed back out.
I was soooo not concerned with technical details…
Oh yeah, and she was having dinner.
I promptly squished her (not taking chances with the kids running around) and went about my merry, itchy, ‘is there a spider on me?’ way.
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3 Responses to Please Leave!

  1. oh wow I don’t know how you squished it, I’m terrified of spiders and every time I see one I scream like if the spider was my size, I mean I totally hate them, can’t kill them because the sound freaks me out….wow a black widow, be careful!!!

  2. Jessie says:

    YUCK! We have them too and it freaks me out with the girls on our deck. I would have been itchy for the rest of the day – probably still 🙂

  3. Ashley says:

    Oh I would have just lost it! Im terrified of spiders! I want to like puke when I see one. Even posting this writing about spiders makes me sick to my stomach!

    Hi from right next to the concord mills mall basically!
    following you back!

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