Pop Up Hedgehog Valentine’s Day Card

Pop Up Hedgehog ValentineIf you follow me on Instagram, you must know that I own an African Pygmy Hedgehog.  Like the rest of the world, I love all things hedgie.  For Valentine’s Day, I decided to craft a fun little Pop Up Hedgehog Valentine for my kiddos.  Details on how to make your own are below, but first, you’ll need to grab this template.

Pop Up Hedgehog Card SuppliesBasic Supplies

Card stock  – At least 4 colors (hedgehog body, hedgehog face, card itself and accent hearts or other shape of choice)


Glue Stick


Template (download here)

Craft Punch (optional, but helpful)

Pop Up Hedgehog Card PiecesGetting Started On Your Pop Up Hedgehog

First things first, you’ll want to print out a copy of the template.  I recommend printing on card stock or heavier paper for durability.  For one card, you will need 8 round body pieces, 1 half body piece and 2 face pieces.  You do not have to be extremely precise on the round body pieces, as we will be gluing those together and the points not matching up exactly is perfectly fine.

Pop up HedgehogTaking Shape

To get your pop up hedgehog into shape, you’re going to need glue.  Fold each of the full circles in half.  Start gluing the halves together, as shown above.  Make 2 sets of 4 folded circles.  Don’t string all 8 together at this point, otherwise you won’t have a place to attached your hedgehog’s head.

Hedgehog Pop UpBetween the center two “quills”, glue in your head.  You only want to set it back far enough that it’s secure.  Don’t hide too much of his face.  Once the head is in place, you can glue to two body sections together, but on one side only.  You should be able to fold your half circles flat (it should look like the hedgehog shown on the front of the card).  I suggest fanning the sections out and letting everything dry before moving on to the next step.

Paper HedgehogWhile Things Are Drying

While your pop up hedgehog is drying, you can move on to the body of the card itself.  I had pre-cut/pre-folded blank cards lying around, but plain old card stock works just fine.  8″ x 6″ makes a good size. When folded in half, your overall card dimensions will be 4″ x 6″.

Hedgehog CardFor the front, start by placing your hedgie head near the open edge of your card.  Glue down the back right over top of the back side of the head.  If there is any overhang, like above, just trim off the excess.

Hedgehog ValentineGive your hedgehog eyes and nose using a fine black marker or pen, then add accents like the heart shaped balloon (this is where punches come in super handy).

Making your Hedgehog Pop

Once your popup hedgehog master piece has dried completely, you can add it to the inside of your card.

Pop Up Hedgehog CardFind the single piece edges of your hedgehog, coat them with glue, then position your hedgehog over the spine of your card.  Press down firmly to make sure he sticks.  You can add additional embellishments to the inside of the card, and add your own touch with a message of your choice.

Hedgehog Popup ValentineLet the card dry completely while open.  Once completely dried, you can fold the card closed and give it to your special Valentine.  Isn’t he cute?!

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  1. This is a super cute idea! I do follow you on IG but didn’t know you had a hedgehog … off to look at pics :).

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