Though I can’t really tell it from outward appearances, I have dropped 12.4 pounds in the last 6 weeks.  I still have about 50 pounds to go, but I wanted to update my progress here.  Even though I can’t tell much in the mirror, I can tell in my clothes.  I am down 1 shirt size already and should be dropping a jean size in the next few weeks.  My pants are already saggy and falling off after being on for an hour or so, but the next size down is still a little too tight.  I hope to be down another 15 pounds by my birthday in December!
This is back in May…
And this was about a week and a half ago (that’s my friend Stacy beside me)…
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3 Responses to Progress

  1. Way to go, you can definitely see a difference! What are you doing?

  2. Yenta Mary says:

    You look beautiful! Thanks so much for coming to visit me; returning the follow … 🙂

  3. Mother Dear says:

    you are beautiful babe!

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