Red Mango!

First, this is not a compensated post.  I was not asked to write about Red Mango and I’m getting nada for writing about Red Mango.  Aside from my local store, they have no idea who I am.  I just love it and want to share the love 🙂
I can’t even say ‘Red Mango’ without 2 things happening:
#1 – I drool.  Sorry.  Blame Pavlov.
#2 – I silently think ‘Red Rum’ in my head and totally see Jack Nicholson sticking his face through a broken down door.  Sorry, that’s probably not what Dan Kim had in mind when he chose the name for the company, but I can’t control the inner workings of my mind.
If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, the Red Mango part anyway, just take a look at this…
Yum.  But, it get’s even better!  It’s actually good for you!  Really, honestly and truly GOOD for you!
First, it’s real, honest to goodness, frozen yogurt.  It’s packed with calcium and protein, plus live cultures that promote overall health and wellness.  Second, there’s no added sugar (no HFC!), no artificial flavors and it’s certified gluten free!  
It’s low calorie, low fat and high flavor!
The topping bar…. oh, the topping bar!  Now, there are some less than healthy choices there, but there are some really, really great choices too.  Fresh fruit galore, for starters!  Strawberries, bananas, kiwi, mango, oranges, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, pineapple and more.  Seriously.  So.Many.Choices!  There are also these really nifty yogurt chips.  They look like tiny white chocolate chips, but they’re better.  I usually load up on yogurt and a ton of fresh fruit, add a little caramel and some yogurt chips.  Maybe a little granola.  Yum.  It’s like a whole meal!
I’m not the only one who loves Red Mango…my kids do too!  They think it’s ice cream and are thrilled to get it as a treat.  I like it because it’s a treat I can feel good about giving them.
If you live in one of their local markets, go try it.  You won’t be sorry.
You can find them here:
and here:
You can find Dan Kim here:
and here:
Go Mango!

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  2. OMG I LOOOOOVE Red Mango!!!! Love the original flavor the best.

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  3. We are loving the yoghurt places that are sprouting up everywhere – yummy.

    And as for your ‘redrum’ … it was the first movie I ever saw Jack Nicholson in, and so when I saw him in a love story after that, I kept on thinking he was going to murder her, but instead he cooked her spaghetti lol!

  4. This sounds delicious! Wish we had one nearby!

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