Reveling in the Misery of Others

See how happy she is?  My cute, sweet, sadistic little girl.  
My mom, my sister and I took Addison and my nephew Landon to Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, NC last Friday.  It was a really great day.  Truly.  The weather was great (it might have hit 80 degrees), it wasn’t crowded at all and the kids had such a wonderful time, especially Addison.  Take a close look at my nephew’s face.  That is not a happy face.  
This was one of only a handfuls of bad moments on the trip.  See, when it was time to get everyone loaded up for the ride, my sister suggested that Addison and Landon ride together.  I said ‘bad idea’, but went with it anyway.  They had the choice of a helicopter or a plane.  The vote was unanimous.  After settling into the helicopter, I explained that they could push the lever forward to keep the helicopter low or pull it toward them to raise the helicopter into the air.  Landon wanted to go up, Addison wanted to stay down.  Guess who won.
She thoroughly enjoyed watching Landon scream and cry over her domination of the lever.  See that huge smile on her face?  Yeah, that’s not because of how fun the ride was.
It’s one thing when a kid does it (and I’m working on that with her), but as adults we all too often revel in the misery of others.  So, the next time you start to find joy in someone’s misery, rethink your choice.  
We’re adults and we should know better.
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  1. Absolutely adults should know better! Unfortunately sometimes they don’t. Her smile is funny though. So proud.

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