Songs To Pound The Pavement By { aka – My Running Playlist }

I would be lying if I said I *love* running.  I *love* the idea of running, I *love* the friendship and comradery that come with running, I might even *love* the cute clothes and shoes – but the actual act of running?  Not so much.  Having a bang up running playlist makes my runs much more tolerable, and dare I say, borderline enjoyable at times.

Running Playlist - Songs To Run To - Pounding Pavement - MamaMommyMomShove me out the door without my music and I will drag.  God forbid I forget earbuds – I have stopped and picked up new ones just because I can’t handle the lack of tunes.  I have tried to run without music and be a conversationalist, but I just can’t do it.  I need my running playlist.  It’s energetic, it’s eclectic, it’s all me.  Except for the energetic part.  I’m usually dragging (too much to do, too little time.)

I change my running playlist up from time to time, but it’s been pretty stable for the last few months.  I usually set my iPhone on “shuffle” and take off.  Here’s what I’m listening too…

Buddy Holly {Weezer}

Semi-Charmed Life {Third Eye Blind}

Better Than Revenge {Taylor Swift}

Stupid Girls {Pink}

Suit & Tie {Justin Timberlake}

Supermassive Black Hole {Muse}

Tell The Girl You’re Sorry {Cowboy Mouth}

Thrift Shop {Macklemore}

Tourniquet {Evanescence}

Voodoo Shop {Cowboy Mouth}

Wind It Up {Barenaked Ladies}

State of Grace {Taylor Swift}

I Love It {Icona Pop}

Blurred Lines {Robin Thicke}

April 20, 1992 {Sublime}

I’m sure some people recognize a few of those, but if you know and love them all, we could totally be besties!  Some people base their running playlist strictly based on the pace of the beat, but not me.  I like to chose songs that get lost in.  I like to sing with the music, well lip sync – I’m pushing myself too hard to actually sing, and I’m sure the people who see me running probably think I’m crazy.  I’m ok with it.

If you’re a runner, what’s on your running playlist?  Mine needs to be freshened up a bit!

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7 Responses to Songs To Pound The Pavement By { aka – My Running Playlist }

  1. i’d only heard (and love) jenny says by cowboy mouth!!

  2. Emmy says:

    Oh I love love your list! I think you and I have similar taste in music. Now I just need to get back to running so I can use this 😉 Definitely going to pin this.

  3. I too love the idea of running, i love how good it is for your body, but actually running, not so much. I am not a runner but so wish i was. i need to learn to breathe better. I remember so many of these songs from my younger years. of weazer, the memories that band brings!

  4. Eugenia says:

    I love this list because I’m always trying to think of playlist songs and get no where! thanks!

  5. I’m not a runner but theses are really pretty awesome songs regardless…I’d exercise to any of them running or not!

  6. OOOO! Looks like a very promising playlist. My hubby listens to screaming music. I need something more mellow and upbeat than Pantera! 😉

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