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Suave Body Wash Wild Cherry Blossom

My husband says I’m weird.  In his mind, I have an odd attachment to smells.  I don’t find this attachment odd at all, in fact I believe it to be a far more common occurrence than he realizes.  The slightly peculiar smell of my daughter’s “lovie” (she’s 10) that just won’t come out, not matter how many times it’s been run through the wash.  The smell of car fluids (oil, grease, brake clean – my father is a mechanic).  Coffee, even if I’m not drinking it.  These are all scents that give me a sense of peace any time they pass by my nose.

Our minds attach scents to moments in our lives, good, bad or indifferent.  No matter if you like fruity, floral or clean scents, Suave Body Wash has the perfect scent (or scents) for you.

Suave Body Wash
When I’m in the shower, starting my day before the sun comes up, I think about my game plan for the day.  What will I take care of as soon as I walk into my office?  Do I have any meetings scheduled?  I want to start my day on a positive and productive note, and the amazing scents Suave Body Wash offers do just that!  Using Suave Body Wash makes sense too… or is it cents?  You can find a large variety of available scents, at a great price, at your local Walmart.

Suave wants to help you find your perfect scent!  My perfect scent is Tropical Coconut.  As you can see, it’s already in my scent rotation.  Suave has a scent for every occasion and every time of day, so stock your bathroom and be prepared for all of life’s scent-worthy moments (hint: every moment is a scent-worthy moment!)

My Perfect Body Wash

After you take the quiz, you’ll be able to grab a promo code for $0.75 off your Suave Body Wash purchase using Ibotta.

Suave Body Wash Milk and Honey SplashWhen I’m in the shower and I grab my Suave Body Wash, I know that I’m getting a great clean, a great value and a great scent that will be with me all day.  Sometimes I use my perfect scent (Tropical Coconut) and sometimes I change it up with something like Wild Cherry Blossom.  Milk & Honey Splash and Sweet Pea & Violet are date night favorites, but the truth is that you can’t go wrong with any of the Suave Body Wash scents.  They all make perfect sense!

What’s your prefect scent?  Click HERE to take the quiz and score yourself a $0.75 promo code through Ibotta.

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  1. Bekah says:

    Oooh I wanted the milk and honey splash but didn’t see it in my local stores. I love their creamy formulas.

  2. I got Amethyst Sunset as my scent! I actually picked some of these up and love them so far!

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