Shhh…Don’t say it out loud!

I will be back with my regularly scheduled yummy food/recipe posts this week!  With vacations, school starting, etc cooking just hasn’t been #1 on my list.  Things are about to get crazier though…

I won’t say it, but I will type it.  Very, very, very small.

There are only 98 days until Christmas.

Has it even registered on your radar yet?  I’ve kind of thought about it, but don’t really want to think about it, so I keep shoving it further and further into the recesses of my mind.  With all of the kids, toys, screaming and whatnot, the recesses get pretty deep.  Tonight, the hubster mentioned the impending recipe for mass chaos  and disaster holiday season and kindly smacked me (figuratively) back in reality.  That’s when I headed over to my trusty Google calendar to count down the days until the family will start to gather and my blood pressure will hit unsafe numbers.

This time of year brings up a couple issues for us.

#1 – Time.  Between now and Christmas, we have 6 birthdays to contend with (Me, Jason, Addison, one of my sisters, one of my brothers and my dad), Black Friday, work holiday functions, Thanksgiving (at several locations, since we both come from divorced families and a repeat of multiple Christmas gatherings for the families as well.  On top of work and our normal obligations, it becomes a bit daunting.  Somewhere in there I also need to fit in shopping for said birthdays and Christmas.  That brings us to…

#2 – What in the heck do I buy these kids?  Most toys, at least the ones my kids ask for, are over priced plastic of stuffed pieces of junk.  Most toys are ‘the best thing ever’ for about 2 hours, sometimes less, then become something for the two of them to fight over and one more thing to get scattered and abandoned through out the house.  I’m sure they’ll get some books and some clothes, but beyond that I’m feeling a little lost.

What’s your plan of attack for the holidays?  Are you prepared?  Have you been shopping all year?  Do you want to crawl under my rock and hide with me until December 26th?

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5 Responses to Shhh…Don’t say it out loud!

  1. Sheri says:

    Yes, please, can I crawl under that rock too! I’ll bring my own snacks…

  2. Jamie says:

    Haha… I actually LOVE this post.
    I start counting down the days to Christmas from 100 (until) on….
    Feelings are mutual, but regardless, I LOVE it. (almost) everything about it!
    We start our ‘season’ off with a HUGE outlet shopping trip every year. Ours is scheduled in 2 weeks!

  3. Shiloh says:

    Maybe you could use some of the money for your kids and buy them lessons to something they really want. I knew a lady who used that for gymanstics lessons for her girls. Might work better for older kids though.:)

  4. I’m trying to win every giveaway in the blogosphere to cover my shopping! 😛 tee hee.

  5. Sheri says:

    Hey, I really like how Andrea thinks here…

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