Sibling Rivalry: Tips To Make Sharing A Bedroom A Success

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Tips-For-Sharing-A-BedroomAfter my husband and I separated, one of the biggest adjustments for my kids was the change in our living arrangements. When you’re not accustomed to apartment life, losing the freedom of a house can be a huge change. Besides the immediate need for a reduction in noise level (I don’t want to be *that* neighbor), finding space for all of the people/things becomes a problem. The first big hit, the kids have to share a bedroom.

I guess we were lucky that the boy and the girl are only 2 years apart in age. I can’t image trying to have two kids with a wide age span crammed into the same space. There are days that I’m not sure my two will be able to tolerate it much longer, but there are a few things we do/have done to make the situation a lot more “liveable” for all of us.

First, find a theme/color scheme that everyone can agree on.  Don’t ask them what they want, but offer a few choices – and offer them to them separate from each other.  If you ask them together, you’ll never get them both on board with the same plan.  My kiddos are SUPER into Minecraft, so we are doing cube shaped toy storage (love those milk crates you can get at back to school time) and green (grass) and brown (dirt) linens.

Second, create a space within the room for each child’s things.  The closet is divided with storage space for each child, they each have their own bins for their toys and bed spaces were established with a set of bunk beds.  If you don’t want your stuff messed with, keep it in your space.

Third, limit or eliminate fighting over television by utilizing tablets.  Let’s be honest, most kids have a tablet these days. Both of mine do.  To squish the fighting over who’s going to control the remote, we just don’t do traditional television in their room.  The kids usually watch a show or two on Netflix before they head to bed.  They can use headphones and both watch exactly what they want.  I also love that I can monitor what they’re watching by logging into our account.  You can’t hide from me, kiddos!

Fourth, make sure each child gets some “alone time” in their shared space.  It’s a great way to spend time with your kids one on one too.  I’ll usually send one to enjoy something alone in their room (a little down time) while I do something with the other.  After a bit, we switch and the other kid gets some time alone/together time with mom.

Inevitably, fighting over the space is still going to happen, but it is possible to limit it to the bare minimum.  If you have kiddos sharing a room, what do you do to keep the sibling love flowing?

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4 Responses to Sibling Rivalry: Tips To Make Sharing A Bedroom A Success

  1. amber.m says:

    Oh my gosh, I’d lose my mind without Netflix! Seriously, my toddler can sit and binge watch Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood like it’s nobodys business!

  2. I only have a daughter but I can imagine there are a lot of families that could use this advice. Growing up my siblings and I all had separate rooms so we got pretty lucky.

  3. Chelsea says:

    It sounds like you’ve pretty much mastered this squishy situation. I LOVE that you came up with a room theme based on a mutual interest, I bet they’re going to think it’s so cool when it’s all done! My brother shared a room when we were really young, and there’s a five year age difference… so there were definitely quite a few squabbles. This was also the time before tablets (which, again, another great idea) so we would fight over everything, ahha!

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