Simple Things Sunday: Swedish Fish & The Shifty Eyed Boy

Sometimes it fun to break the rules.  
Swedish Fish for breakfast?  Sure!  An early morning shopping trip and the absence of this sister, netted Cullen the breakfast of champions.
Personally, I find them to be absolutely disgusting, but my kids love them.  Don’t all kids love a little red dye early in the morning?
Swedish Fish lead to a lowered head, a sideways glance and a little eye movement we like to call “Cullen’s Shifty Eye.”  Cullen takes his Swedish Fish very seriously…

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2 Responses to Simple Things Sunday: Swedish Fish & The Shifty Eyed Boy

  1. Sheri says:

    Oh my goodness, is he adorable! He had to have a bite though and start again…too cute. I love Swedish fish and they sound good for breakfast too.

  2. Amarie says:

    I loooove swedish fish! Actually my MOM got me hooked on them (ha!ha!) Great photo!

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