#snOMG v 2.0 {Save Me!}

#snOMG v 2.0 {Save Me!}

#snOMGY’all…my left eye is twitching. That’s bad. Bad, bad, bad. When my right eye twitches, that’s moderate bad – but my left eye… that’s bad, bad. I live in the South. We don’t do snow here, at least not much, and definitely not well.  Right now, accumulation predictions range from 4-7″ to close to a foot.  12″ of snow.  We will never be able to leave the house again!

When we got an inch a few weeks back, my kids were out for 2 days. TWO DAYS. I guess the upside to a much larger snow fall is that we’ll at least have enough to get out and play in. I’m thinking snow angels and our own little Olaf.  Perhaps he can brighten my day while I think about my handful of vacation days melting away, one by one.

Oh, the meteorologists are also predicting some sleet and freezing rain.  With those, come power outages.  I can not be stuck in this house for days with my children and no power. I’m hanging on to the hope that 1) they are all wrong or 2) that all of the ice will stay South and East of us – not that I really want anyone to be without power because of ice. If the predictions pan out? If we do lose power? Peace out, y’all. Mama is heading in whatever direction necessary to locate a reasonable, comfortable hotel.

If I go missing, it’s probably because we’ve lost power. Or my kids have tied me up and left me in a corner somewhere. Both are real possibilities.

What do you do to entertain your kiddos when the weather dictates that you stay home?

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  1. We are in the south also. My daughter and her husband live in the Atlanta area. She got stuck at work and then had to walk half of the way home the next day. She and her husband are staying home this time, heeding the warnings.

  2. Joyce says:

    On snow days sometimes we play board games and cook lunch together. We all are on the computer a lot. One of my kids can do her math on-line so she does that. Sometimes we fold the laundry or do housework. Sometimes the kids just whine a lot. If I know that a storm is coming, I will get library movies. I am not sure what we would do if the power was out.
    Stay safe!
    will comment back – http://www.oldefashionmom.com

  3. ha — I loved your honesty in this post. I live in Arizona, and we NEVER have snow days or anything like that. So, I’m with you on not having ANY idea what to do with my kids if we were (gasp!) trapped inside. Oy, it would be a LOOOOONG day.

    Good luck 😉 Glad to have found you through SITS! ~Jenna

  4. We rarely get much snow here in N Ireland, so Snow Days happen about once a decade or so! Kids love them, and I just let everyone stay in PJ’s and we all cook something fun and different for lunch (determined by what is in our cupboards as I ain’t going out!

    Stopping by from SITS

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