Some days the roles get reversed!

My daughter was obsessed with the Cup Song!  If you have tweener/teenage girls you may know what I am talking about.  The banging goes on and on until they get it right.  It echoes thru the entire house.

Where did it come from you ask?  The movie Pitch Perfect.  I had never seen the movie but J has.

So one evening, which is the only night we have anything on our schedule, the conversation at 3:00 pm goes like this:

J: “Can we watch Pitch Perfect today”

 Thoughts in my head

My phone has a virus and I need to get it fixed today because my email won’t work.  I will be working in the car all day tomorrow and I need to be able to get to my email.  I have already spent a few hours on it and it is not working the way the customer service person said.  I have to eat dinner and we have dance class from 7-9.  Then I will be tired and ready for bed.  When am I going to fit in this movie!!!

Momma: “Yes we can try.  Go take these movies back and get it.  We will start it after dinner.”

5:45 pm

J: “you ready to watch the movie?

Thoughts in my head

 My phone is still not working correctly.

Momma: “yes we can start it and finish it after dance.”

So we start the movie and I am fiddling with my phones

J: “Mom!  Watch the movie.”

Momma: “I am, but I gotta get the phone to work”

2 minutes later

J: “Mom, did you see that?  (looks at me) Mom!  Watch the movie.”

Thoughts in my head

Ok I think I got the phone just wanted to add a few things.  Ok I guess it can wait.  I put the phone down

Momma: “Ok, I just need to get my phone working.”

J: “it can wait, you gotta watch the movie”

Momma: “Ok

Cup Song

We watched half and then we went to dance and then we came home and watched the other half.  I did finally have my phone working enough to get me through Wednesday.

It was just funny to me her telling me to put my phone down and watch the movie.  Really!  Because I tell you similar things all the time when you are texting your friends while we watch a movie and then you ask “Why did that happen” – “Watch the movie”.

I hope by finally putting the phone away and paying attention I taught her a lesson, but probably not.  The whole thing has caused thoughts of when I am old and she has to take care of me, she’s sort of bossy I may want to reconsider.





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