Sometimes It’s OK to Bury Your Problems… How We Said Goodbye to Paci

Remember what we did last Friday?  The planting of the paci (seven of them to be exact)…
As moms, I think we try real hard not to be the bad guy… at least emotionally speaking.  We tend to pull out more stops to avoid things that we feel might do emotional damage – or damage our children’s view of us – more so than dads do.  A perfect example -Getting rid of the paci.  I didn’t want to be the bad guy.  I didn’t want Cullen thinking I was taking something precious away from him or keeping it from him when he knew I could easily give it back.  That’s why this method worked so well for us.  I convinced him that this was his idea, and once they were planted, they didn’t exist anymore.
There was much begging through the night Friday and early Saturday morning.  This didn’t come as a big shock or anything.  I was expecting it.  We decided that rather than let him wear us down between Friday and Sunday, the Easter Bunny would make an early stop over night Friday/Saturday to sprinkle his magic and let the lollipop grow so that Cullen could ‘pick’ it Saturday morning.
He obviously enjoyed his lollipop.  It was large, blue and in the shape of an egg.  Did I mention it was blue?  I should have gone to the store myself, but Hubs wanted to be helpful.  Next time, I’ll be more specific.  Everything this lollipop touched turned blue.  All requests for the paci were met with a reminder that he planted them, they grew into a lollipop with the help of a little magic from the Easter Bunny and he ate the lollipop.  The paci didn’t exist anymore.
There were a few more random ‘paci’ requests through the evening Saturday and on through bedtime.  Saturday night was rough.  I’m not sure how much of it I can blame on our new found paci-less state and how much was a result of an allergy-induced stuffy nose.  Either way, neither the boy nor I got much sleep.  Sunday was leaps and bounds better and by Monday, the requests had stopped all together.
Now, we’re a week in and we haven’t heard about the paci in days.  We can talk about the paci, he’s seen other kids with a paci and we’ve had no problems!
If you’re looking for a way to break the paci habit, or any other special attachment, I highly recommend developing your own ‘magic’ scenario and seeing how it works for your kids.  It was a great success here and I am so happy to be free of the paci!
Next up… Potty Training!
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3 Responses to Sometimes It’s OK to Bury Your Problems… How We Said Goodbye to Paci

  1. Tamara says:

    Yay mom and day. You did a great job and everyone ended up happy! Creative thinking at it’s best. 🙂

  2. I need to do this. I dread it, but I need to do this.

  3. Elizabeth S says:

    We tried this…he didn’t believe that lollipops would grow where the paci had been buried so he dug the paci up and went back inside.

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