Spicy Black Bean and Corn Salsa from Family Gourmet

One of my most favorite things ever is salsa.  I love it on chips, baked potatoes, in my chili, on nachos… the list goes on and on!  I like fruit salsas, traditional tomato salsas, salsas with beans.  Honestly, I’ve never met a salsa I didn’t like.

Take this salsa for example…



Doesn’t that look delicious?  It totally was.  I made a pretty big batch of this Spicy Black Bean and Corn Salsa and Hubs and I ate it all within a few days.  I browned up some ground beef, added cilantro and a few other yummies, and piled it all high on some chips with a hearty helping of the salsa for out of this world nachos!

Family Dollar Store Brand Nachos

Totally delish!

Bigger isn’t always better and price isn’t always indicative of quality.  Some store brands don’t stack up, but let me tell you, Family Gourmet from Family Dollar Stores most certainly did!  Hubs had no idea that this incredible salsa was put together 100% with products from Family Dollar’s Family Gourmet product line.

Family Dollar Store Brand Products

Bam! Family Gourmet!

This salsa was so ridiculously easy to put together, it almost seems silly to call it a recipe!  See the cast of characters above?  Yeah, that’s it.  Open, drain the corn, rinse and drain the beans, mix it all together and enjoy!  Who doesn’t like easy?  I know I do… and this is so easy, so simple – you can whip it up at a moments notice if company drops by or if you just get the craving for a yummy salsa!

Do you have a Family Dollar store in your area?  Have you tried Family Gourmet?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on their products…  I know I plan to try many more soon!

*Family Dollar provided the products shown above, but no additional compensation was provided for trying or writing about their products.  All opinions are our own and we truly enjoyed this salsa and these products!

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