Spring Break aka “I’m bored!”

Our weather for Spring Break?  Less than stellar.  Yesterday wasn’t too bad and today will be OK too, but tomorrow – the first day back to school – will be gorgeous.

We had several days of cold temps and rain.  We even saw sleet at one point.  It’s April, for goodness sakes!  My children have been cooped up in this house most of the winter and both desperately want nothing more than to be outside.  So do I.  Despite a plethora of toys inside to choose from, the boy just wants to dig in the dirt with his tractors, the girl just wants to ride her bike and I want to pull weeds and have the sunshine on my face.

I didn’t get much sunshine, but I did get a makeover.

Playing Salon

Doesn’t my hair look great?  The necklace is mine from my childhood and there are several hair accessories in the back you can’t see.  Also, you all now know what I look like with bed head.

We’ve been challenged to find indoor activities that 1) please everyone 2) don’t make a huge mess and 3) we can do with stuff we have on hand.  Face it, no one wants to drag two kids out when it’s 40 degrees and pouring rain to get that one last supply you need for a project.  We turned to board games, construction paper/card stock and glue.

The board games (Scrabble, mostly) we’re simply used for their pieces.  Little dude may not have been able to go outside and dig in the dirt, but Scrabble tiles, cotton balls and various other tiny pieces made for a great indoor substitute for dirt.  He could make piles, dig, haul, dump… all of the fun without the mess.  Well, there was a mess, but not one that couldn’t easily be cleaned up.  (I would have taken a picture, but both of my kids have become very ‘get the camera away from me’ as of recent.  We’re working on that.  The girl has figured out that her picture ends up on the internet a lot and that she is the topic of conversation frequently.  I don’t think she likes it very much.)

The girl was a harder sell, but she loves glue and I used that to my advantage.  She’s been watching these American Girl and Barbie videos on Youtube a lot lately.  Basically, it’s girls making videos of themselves playing pretend with their dolls.  Addison has seen all of these accessories and things she wants, so I convinced her to make some of them.  Her Barbies now have a ‘sports’ themed room (complete with a flat screen TV), a movie room with tiny little DVDs (cases and all), mini Carpi Sun drinks (made from real Capri Sun pouches), popcorn, DVD player and all of the other necessities and who knows what else.  I’m really not inclined to interrupt her creative process to find out.

Now that we’ve virtually rendered several board games useless – we’ll never reclaim those game pieces – and have gone through 2 large bottles of craft glue, I think everyone is happy.

How do you battle the “I’m bored” chants from your crew?  Spring Break was just a big test run for summer, wasn’t it?

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