Spring into Sewing with These Five Kid-friendly Crafts

Sewing is seen as something of a lost art in the world of crafting. For many kids of this generation, sewing is something their parents or grandparents might do to mend a garment, rather than a way to have fun!

Grabbing a needle and some brightly colored thread is actually a fantastic way to spend a few hours with your children, especially if the weather is one of those rainy spring days. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out these five kid-friendly craft ideas that your young ones are sure to love!

Handmade paper bunting(Photo Credit: Charlotte@flickr.com )

Age Group: 3-5
If you’re going to try out sewing with your toddler, there are a few things you should bear in mind. Make sure the needle is large enough for their little hands – and not too sharp! If you’re using mesh, you should also ensure it has holes big enough to make sewing relatively simple.

Bunting is a great idea for a simple sewing project that younger children can enjoy. You can use up any leftover scraps of fabric you have around the house, or even use colored card! Cut your chosen material into a triangle shape and help your little one to thread a piece of string through two corners of the triangle. Voila! Your very own strip of bunting – hang it proudly in their bedroom to give them a real sense of achievement.

Potpourri Bag(Photo Credit: iris@flickr.com )

Age Group: 6-8
For children aged between 6 and 8 years old, why not help them create a selection of DIY potpourri sachets, for your drawers and containers at home? All you’ll need for this craft is a selection of patterned fabrics, your chosen potpourri, and of course your needle and thread.

First cut your fabric into small rectangles (around 3 inches x 2 inches should be fine). Place your potpourri in the center of one of these rectangles, being careful not to use too much – you don’t want your fragrant parcel to explode in a drawer! Then place the other rectangle over the top, and help your little one to seal the pouch by sewing neatly around the edges.

Age Group: 8-11
If you’ve been crafting with your little ones regularly, they should be ready for a more complex project by now – so why not try cross-stitching? If you can find a pattern that your kids love, it can keep them entertained for hours. All you need to do is ensure that they have the right colored threads available – and, of course, that they understand the basic premise of cross-stitching!

If you need some pattern inspiration, head over to Pinterest. You’ll find conventional patterns like flowers and Celtic symbols, but you’ll also find cross-stitch patterns for Batman, Hello Kitty, Minions and all of your kids’ favorite characters.

Age Group: 12-14
With your little ones heading off to middle school, all of their clothes, school equipment and sports kits will need to be labeled, to ensure they don’t get mixed up or lost. This doesn’t have to be a chore for Mom or Dad – turn it into a crafting activity with your tween!

First off, you’ll need your own set of printed or sewed labels. Make sure these include all the relevant information – your child’s name, their class or grade, and some info that would help someone to return the item if it became lost, such as a locker number or contact details.

Simply gather up all of the clothing and equipment your child needs for school and set them to work sewing these simple labels on the inside of the garment, where they could easily be seen by someone looking for a tag. For shirts, inside the collar is best, and for trousers or skirts, somewhere inside the waistband is ideal.

Handmade Earbud Case(Photo Credit: carolina@flickr.com )

Age Group: 15-18
As children grow into young adults, many parents struggle to come up with craft ideas that will keep them engaged – especially when the lure of the mall or the movies is so strong! The trick is to create craft items that they’ll actually use.

If your teen has electronics, cell phones, tablets and all the accessories that go with them there are a variety of projects that they can make which not only inspire their creativity but protect their valuables at the same time. Cell phone or tablet holders, or ear bud organizers are great projects to start motivating a teen to create with sewing!

Spring is a time of freshening up our lives, making things light and colorful and trying new things. And if sewing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of wonderful art crafts to try! No matter what your child’s age there is a project out there for them to inspire new and fun sewing creations!

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