Summer Rice ‘Salad’

This will be the easiest, simplest and most versatile dish you’ll make all summer.  It can truly be paired with anything.  I’ve made a variation of it in the past and served it with everything from grilled chicken breasts to ‘clean out your pantry’ salmon patties.

It’s sweet, but it has a bite.  It’s just YUM.
This was born out of necessity, kind of.  Or, maybe it was boredom.  Or, maybe it was that I came home from work last week with two huge bags of produce (brought in by a customer) and wanted to do something with it.  Desperately.
The bulk of my loot was tiny heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and zucchini.  The squash and zucchini weren’t quite right for this (they ended up on the grill) but the tomatoes…oh, the tomatoes… they were perfect.  The cucumbers too.  The onion was already hanging out in the fridge, sliced and ready to go.  
And so I mixed…
1/2 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 Cup Granulated Sugar
Halved and Quartered Heirloom Tomatoes
Pickling Cucumbers, Peeled and Sliced
Red Onion, Quartered and Thinly Sliced
Now, this is something you’re going to want to make ahead.  You want the veggies to have time to sit in the pickling mixture.  Plenty of time.  I let mine sit for 4 days.  Overnight would do just fine.
The rice… I use Jasmine Rice.  I love the texture.  It’s just better.  You can make your rice ahead too, just not more than a day or two.  You don’t want it to get dried out and funky.  Either way, when you make your rice, use just about a 1/4 more water than what the package calls for.  It keeps it from getting too sticky.
Just before you’re ready to serve your meal, use a slotted spoon to pull the veggie mix out of the pickling liquid and add it to your rice.  Warm or cold, it’s your choice.  I like to mix the cold veggies with warm rice.  Mix it all together and you’re ready to go! 
This is a nice and cool finish that really pairs well with anything.  We had ours with my rosemary pork chops.   Well, my husband and I had it with rosemary pork chops.  The kids, they had it with turkey dogs.
You’ll see that you have a lot of liquid left over.  You can either dump it, add some of it to your rice or toss in some more veggies and stick it back in the fridge.
There are so many ways you could make this your own!  Add peppers, loose the cucumber, add dill or another herb… really the possibilities are endless.
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  1. Ok, this looks delish and thanks for the tips! Following you back from the Super Sunday Stalk!

    Jenny Lee Sulpizio
    Author of “Mommy Whispers”

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