Summer – The Kids Are Over It

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Kid watching TVSeven weeks down and three to go.  Summer, the childhood paradox.  So ready for school to be over, yet bored out of their minds in a matter of weeks.  Summer camp has been a huge life saver during the day, and we’ve stayed pretty busy in the evenings.  It’s only in the last week that they’ve really gotten to the point of being over it – over all of it.  They don’t want to go to summer camp, they are tired of the pool and it’s just too hot for anything else outside.  We’ve spent a lot of time watching movies.  We’ve seen a lot of them two or three times (except Pacific Rim – we saw it for the first time last night).

Dog staring at eating kidsThis week, we’ve had a huge change up in our normal routine.  My sister’s family headed to the beach for the week and we’ve moved in to house/dog sit.  Of course, Fenway is with us.  Then there is my sister’s cast of furbabies.  There are three of them – Emma, Sadie and Blue.  I am surrounded by flying fur this week.

Boy Watching Netflix on KindleI thought the change of scenery and the idea of playing with someone else’s toys would be appealing, but apparently not.  Both kids have passed on the toys for the most part, opting instead to enjoy having separate bedrooms (they share at my house now) and being able to watch Netflix on their Kindles without being interrupted by each other.  The dogs are doing more playing than kids, and at this point in the summer, I’m ok with that.

Elderly Great DaneThis is Emma.  She’s a Great Dane, a very old Great Dane.  Scooby-Doo is a Great Dane.  They really are a little clumsy, just like Scooby is!  She’s pretty happy that the kids are doing more Netflix watching than running around.  I think she’s over Summer too.

How are your kids feeling about the summer?  Are they over it like mine or are they loving it and dreading Back To School?

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