Summertime And The Living’s Easy… So Are The Accidents

Mother and SonWe love summer, so very much.  The heat and humidity aside, we enjoy spending a lot of time outside doing various things – and sometimes nothing at all.  We’ve spent time at the pool, baseball games and we’re heading to the beach in a few weeks.  We’ve spent time inside too.  Believe it or not, our only summer injury so far has been a sprained ankle for my daughter, and that happened inside at a fast food play place.  Go figure.  It’s funny how accidents happen in the least expected places.

We had several near misses at the ballpark.  There were the flying foul balls, the multitude of concrete stairs and the bounce houses and slides they had for the kids to enjoy.  Why my kid feels the need to fling himself down the bouncy slides, I will never know.  The kids got the chance to walk around the field the last time we were at a baseball game, and despite being told not to run a hundred times, 90% of the kids on the field were doing just that.  I was waiting on my boy to bite the dust the entire time.

Boy at Baseball GameCullen is all boy, and while I have no desire to repeat our emergency room adventure from March, I’m also not going to stop him from exploring and doing the things boys do. Climbing on rocks? Yep. Crazy jumping into the pool? Yep. Those are just fun parts of growing up, even if they scare the pants off of the adults. What’s more scary than the rocks climbing, running and general disregard for their own health? The bill that shows up after a trip to the ER.

Boy Jumping Off RockOur little adventure back in March, the one where the boy fell over the dog and up the stairs, left him with 4 stitches, 2 scars, and a healthy respect for what an ER trip at 2 am is like.  For me, it left me with a $1400 bill I had to figure out how to cover and still pay my rent.  If only we’d had accident insurance.  Yes, we have health insurance, but as our luck would have it, we were no where near our deductible for the year.  Aflac’s voluntary products, which supplement major medical plans, are designed to pay policyholders directly for costs associated with a covered serious illness, injury or loss. In addition, the cash benefits can be used for rent, gas, groceries, child care or any other out-of-pocket expenses a worker may have.  It would’ve been nice not to have to worry about taking an unpaid vacation day because I spent all night in the ER.

Boy on SwingThrough its trailblazing One Day Pay ℠ initiative, Aflac U.S. can receive process, approve and disburse payment for eligible claims in one business day.  It takes me that long just to get someone on the phone at my insurance company.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 2.6 million kids under the age of 19 old are treated in the ER each year for sports and recreation-related injuries.  As you can imagine, the likelihood of an accident is higher in the summer.

If you have an accident-prone kid, check out this info from Aflac on the policies they offer and how you can benefit from things like One Day Pay ℠ and all of the supplemental policies Aflac has to offer.

Boy Jumping In PoolDo you have an accident prone kid in your house?  What types of injuries have you suffered through with your kiddos and what did you learn from the experiences?  Tell us your story!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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