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I have always been a sucker for a kitten.  My very first pet was a black and white cat named Smokey.  We lived out in the country and there was always a stray “barn cat” somewhere having babies.  We would try to tame them, feed them and love them.  I hadn’t had a cat (for various reasons) since childhood until after we moved to Michigan.  The house we ended up buying is two miles away from the local Humane Society.  I stopped by “just to look” twice, and twice I have come home with a new furry family member.

First, there was Reese.  At the Humane Society, her name was Patty.  She was super playful and full of energy from the start.  She also tried to eat my purse before we ever left the Humane Society.  She claimed my husband as her own within a few weeks, and in the same time, decided everything else that was mine was now hers too.  We no longer drink out of open cups for this reason.

Not long after Reese, literally about 4 months, I stopped by the Humane Society again.  I didn’t come home with Evie that day (Friday), but by Monday, the shy, skiddish, black cat (formerly known as Rite) was coming home with me.  My husband had no idea I was coming home with a cat.  I’m not even sure he knew I was going to stop at the Humane Society after work.  When he got home, he walked in to find Reese growling something fierce at a tiny little black cat who couldn’t seem to care less.

Reese and Evie (or Patty and Rita, as they were formerly known) deserved a life better than the cold, scary streets of Michigan.  That’s exactly what the animal shelters across the country are trying to do.  They want to help give cats and kittens just like Reese and Evie a safe, loving home, but they can’t do it alone.  Cat’s Pride® knows this and that is why they started the Litter for Good™ program.  With the Litter for Good Program, for every green jug of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light cat litter sold, Cat’s Pride will donate a pound of litter to shelters across the country.

Fresh & Light® litter is not only a great clumping, low dust, odor control litter, but by purchasing it you are helping cats and kittens in shelters all across the country.  You can find Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light and Fresh & Light Ultimate Care at retailers across the nation.  Check the next time you’re at your favorite grocery, general merchandise or pet care store.  Look for the green jugs shown above.

Head over to the Cat’s Pride website and nominate your local shelter for the program now!  Do you have a rescue story of your own to share?  Leave us a comment or connect on Facebook.

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