I Taught My Kids To Throw Clay

Life is messy, y’all.  Literally and metaphorically.  With all the packing and the moving in the last few weeks, I’ve unearthed things I’d forgotten about.  My kids hadn’t forgot about them, but I had.  Case and point, the plastic, battery operated pottery wheel the girl got for Christmas last year (thanks to whoever bought that little gem – it also included spin art.)

IMG_1213At some point in the “clean out the garage” phase of moving, the box that had been shoved behind a wheelbarrow was unearthed.  The requests started nearly immediately.  “When can we make pottery?  Can we make pottery today?  I want to get out the pottery wheel!”  I broke down over the weekend, gave up the fight, and chucked out the cash for some “D” batteries.  I didn’t have high hopes for this little project.

IMG_1219Having taken my fair share of Folk Art in high school, I actually know how to throw pottery on a wheel (electric or kick.)  I also know how hard it is to get a nice, finished piece when your first starting out – and that’s using nice clay and great tools.  This little plastic number?  It’s not my idea of a “great tool”.  You work with what you have though.

IMG_1215Our meager supplies netted us very little in the way of actual pottery.  What we did end up with was one heck of a mess, but two very happy, very proud children.  (Subsequently, we also ended up with a Border Collie sporting some clay in his fur – occupational hazard.)

photo(67)Yes, life is messy.  Sometimes messy is necessary and sometimes messy is fun.  Embrace the mess, don’t worry so much about the clean up that comes after, and enjoy life for what it is – an incredibly wonderful mess.

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