Teaching Our Children Good Sportsmanship: Someone Needs A Lesson

On Monday, I shared this picture on my personal Facebook page…


If this had been in my size, I probably would have bought it.  As anyone who knows me can attest, 95% of that comes out of my mouth is laced with sarcasm or is said in a cheeky fashion.  I like to have fun and mess around.  I am an adult.  I pride myself in my ability to know what is serious and what is all in good fun.  For an adult, this would be fun.  It’s cute, it’s cheeky and yes – it is the truth.

This wasn’t in the adult section, folks.  This was in the kids athletic apparel – my daughter’s size – sizes small enough to fit most 4 year olds.


I’m not sure who to be more disappointed in… Champion for making it, or Target for carrying it.  Now, I know it’s possible that Target has it because of some crazy agreement with Champion, but I did reach out to both companies early today in an attempt to clarify.  As of now, neither have replied.

Is this what we want our children as young as 4 learning?  We want this to think it’s ok to skip on being nice because ‘Nice doesn’t win games’?  I surely don’t.  I work hard to teach my daughter that it is always important to be nice to those around you, in any situation.  Just because you play sports doesn’t change that.  God knows there are enough parents teaching their kids to be bad sports without the aid of a t-shirt to re-enforce it.

What do you think of the shirt?  Am I making too much of it?

UPDATE: Champion USA did Tweet me back…


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2 Responses to Teaching Our Children Good Sportsmanship: Someone Needs A Lesson

  1. jen says:

    Thank you for posting this! I actually googled the quote b/c I was curious if anyone out there..besides my fb friends, felt similarly!
    I wholeheartedly agree with you, and I am a pretty sarcastic individual myself. My plan was to write to Champion, but I see you already did that. Doesn’t seem like much of a response to me!

    • mamamommymom says:

      No, it definitely wasn’t much of a response, but at least I wasn’t ignored completely. I hope that they think more carefully about what they chose to put out there for our children in the future. Teaching poor sportsmanship to 6 year olds isn’t what I expect from an athletic brand. It’s very disappointing.

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