Team Up Thursday: Celebration!

So, I finally broke down after much pressure from Jessie and joined Team Up Thursday.  This is week 52/52, but a new year of TUT starts next week!  Well, actually it starts tomorrow.  If you’re interested in joining, get in touch with Megan @ Mental Inventory.  I know she has at least one person looking for a partner.
So, this week I ‘met’ my partner, Donna.  She’s from Canada and sent me some photos of her snow today.  Wow!  We shut down around here over a few inches.  We’d all starve to death with what she’s got up there!
The theme of the week was ‘Celebrate’.  
Donna trekked to her local Dollar Store to snag her pic (on the right) and had to explain to the manager what she was doing.  LOL
My shot is of Addison blowing out the candles on her Play-Doh cake she made during Cullen’s nap time yesterday.  Addison has a little bit of a self-centered streak and thinks everyday should be her birthday, thus she should be showered with cake and gifts.  Silly girl!  One day you’ll wish you only had a birthday every 5 to 10 years!
The theme for next week is ‘Blue’
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  1. Cara says:

    I love playdoh! My kids can be occupied for hours with that stuff! I like your DOF and it goes well with the party decoration.

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