Tequila Lime Cupcakes { 21 and up } for #SundaySupper

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Tequila Lime Cupcakes

Tequila Lime Cupcakes 2In honor of this week’s #SundaySupper theme {Cheese, Cake, and Cheesecake} I felt that it was most appropriate to make a dessert.  I almost made a baked Brie, but I knew I’d be forced to eat it all alone.  I’m not sure what’s wrong with the people in this house, but I’m the only one who will eat Brie!  Cupcakes seemed like a good solution, after all – who doesn’t love cupcakes?  Boring cupcakes you say?  No, no.  Not boring at all.  These cupcakes are very special indeed.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen… these cupcakes are fully leaded and for the 21+ crowd.  Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, a Cinco De Mayo party, or just #SundaySupper dessert, you will score big with this twist on a generally kid friendly crowd pleaser.

You could get all crazy and make cupcakes from scratch, or you can go with a store bought mix.  Either way, these cupcakes will be show stoppers and no one will care if the batter was store bought or out of a box.  The key to a good tequila lime cupcake is good tequila.  In my world, there is only one good tequila, and that is Patron.

Your frosting, well that’s a bit trickier.  For me, there’s nothing like the flavor of a real whipped cream frosting.  It’s cool, creamy and perfect.  (And not hard at all to make)  But, if you like the flavor of store bought vanilla frosting though, go for it!  Either way, it’s really going to end up being about the tequila.

All roads lead to tequila.  Or cheese.  Maybe cake.  Or both.   So, what’s your favorite cheese, cake or cheesecake?

Tequila Lime Cupcakes { 21 and up } for #SundaySupper
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 24
  • 1 Box White Cake Mix (plus ingredients to make cake)
  • 1 Cup Sugar, plus 3 Tablespoons
  • ½ Cup Water
  • ½ Cup Tequila, plus 3 Tablespoons
  • 2 Cups Whipping Cream
  • 1 Pkg Lime Jello
  • Sea Salt
  • Lime
  1. Bake and cool cupcakes according to package directions.
  2. In a small sauce pan, mix ½ cup water and 1 cup sugar.
  3. Bring the mixture to a boil.
  4. Once the sugar has completely dissolved, set the pan of the heat and allow the syrup to cool.
  5. In a bowl, mix the remaining sugar, 3 tablespoons tequila, the package of jello and the whipping cream until stiff peaks begin to form. This will take several minutes, even with a hand mixer.
  6. Just before icing the cupcakes, add ½ tequila to the cooled syrup and mix well.
  7. Dip the top of each un-iced cupcake into the syrup two - three times, allowing the cupcake to soak up some of the syrup before icing.
  8. Ice the cupcakes using your favorite icing method (pastry bag or simply using a spreader).
  9. Sprinkle the cupcakes lightly with course sea salt.
  10. Garnish with lime wedges.

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52 Responses to Tequila Lime Cupcakes { 21 and up } for #SundaySupper

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  8. This is what I’m talkin’ ’bout…cheers!

  9. Soni says:

    Oooh I wouldn’t mind some tequila in my cupcake :)Looks and sounds divine 🙂 cheers!

  10. Now that’s a mommy cupcake if I’ve ever seen one. Yum!

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  12. Liz says:

    Tequila Lime Cupcakes? Yup, I want one…no, make that two!!! Yummy!

  13. I´m glad you left the kids out of this one, they sound like the perfect adult dessert!

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  16. Renee says:

    Cheers to these cupcakes! And you are so right about them being perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

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  19. Ohhh, I male lime cheesecake for today’s Sunday Supper and i am loving that you made cupcakes with tequila! It’s so perfect!!!!!!!! Now I want a margarita with a dozen of your cupcakes!

  20. Diana @GourmetDrizzles says:

    Super fun! And yes, ok, so you had me at tequila 😉

  21. How cute!!! What a fun dessert!

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  23. Tara says:

    I love the fresh taste of lime in a dessert very much and tequila, well you got me!!

  24. What a great idea! After a long week I it is justifiable to eat 6 of these, right?

  25. Sarah says:

    Some days you need a drink… but these are better

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  27. Great idea sounds like a cool st patty treat!

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  29. Nice! I don’t think so I have heard or seen any tequila cupcakes before. Feel free to send me some over, I ll finish them all. =D

  30. I love everything about this cupcake! And I especially love whipped cream frosting! Great job!

  31. Love this frosting! Whipped cream is the way to go, fluffy and not too sweet!

  32. As soon as I saw the word “tequila” in your title and saw these glorious little cupcakes, I was hooked. I may have been nodding a bit too enthusiastically, with a fist pump or two, when I read your amazing lines: “All roads lead to tequila. Or cheese. Maybe cake. Or both.” Totally agreed!

  33. Wow! These sund so good, but on the rare occasion my hubby buys Patron, he would probably murder me if I baked with it 🙂

  34. Susan says:

    Tequila in baked goods in the only way I can tolerate it these days! I’m all for 21+ cupcakes!

  35. Hezzi-D says:

    The perfect happy hour cupcake! YUM!

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  38. how cool! haha I love them in the Margarita glass too !

  39. A. There is something very wrong with the people in your house. No one to eat baked brie with? Well actually I might prefer that…

    B. LOVE THESE CUPCAKES! I can see making these for a birthday. Since I’m a huge margarita fan. I think these would be perfect for my birthday bbq this summer.

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  42. Jill says:

    These sound interesting~ I don’t think I have ever had booze in cupcakes before!
    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  43. I don’t like tequila, but I think I could manage for these!


    Thanks for linking up at Wordy Wednesday!

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  45. Susan says:

    What a fun unusual cupcake! Can’t wait to share this recipe with a couple of my friends. Thanks for sharing at the This Is How We Roll Link Party at Organized 31.

  46. These are some good looking cupcakes! If you had a spare moment, I would be delighted if you’d drop this (and anything else you’d like to share) by at the #PureBlogLove anything goes link party! You can find me here: http://picnicnz.blogspot.co.nz/

  47. Mmm…these sound yummy! Please come share your blog posts over at the Home Matters Linky Party! We’d love to have you for a visit. The Door is OPEN. http://lifewithlorelai.com/2015/02/12/home-matters-linky-party-24/ 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  48. Yum! These look and sound absolutely delicious! I am trying these as soon as I can! Keep posting stuff like this I love reading it!

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