Thank You for Ruining My Socks

I am grateful for a lot of things.  I’m grateful for our house, for my family, for our jobs (there was a time where neither of us had one), my friends and all of the things we have both physically and metaphorically speaking.
I’m grateful for kids who try to be good (most of the time), a husband who wants to support his family and tries to help around the house to make things easier on me.
What am I not grateful for?  My ruined running socks.  My $11 ruined running socks.
Anyone who knows me knows that while most people wouldn’t classify me as frugal, I am choosey about how I spend our money (not that we have gobs of it laying around or anything.)  I shop sales (with coupons/discounts) for most of the kids’ clothes and most of mine (jeans aside – I am a GAP snob) are clearance or great sale buys.  Hubs is a little harder to reel in, but I do my best.  Groceries – I use coupons and match them with sales when I can (but only for products we will actually use and I don’t hoard.)
Why do I do this?  Because I like Starbucks.  Because my kids like being able to pick out a small toy when we shop.  Because Hubs likes to buy music from iTunes and Amazon.  Because we like to order pizza or swing through a drive-thru on busy nights.
It’s a give and take.
What I don’t spend our money on is $11 socks.  Except I did.  On a whim.  I’ve started running again, and my running shoes were shot.  My shins refused to let me run in them anymore, so I headed out to get a new pair.  And I did.  And I saw the socks.  And I bought them too.  They’re made to wick moisture away from my foot, and since no one likes sweaty feet, I figured it was an ok investment if I planned to start running more often.
On very specific instruction for the socks: DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER.  Easy enough.  I’ll just pull them out of the washer and let them air dry rather than tossing them in the dryer.  If you didn’t know, fabric softener leaves a residue on your clothes.  Ever tried to use a towel that someone has gone a little overboard with liquid fabric softener on?  Yeah, they don’t absorb anything.  My mother-in-law’s towels are a prime example.  You can ‘dry’ off with one and you’re still dripping wet.
So, I come home – lay down the law on the NO FABRIC SOFTENER and go about my business.  My business included a run Saturday morning.  After my run, I was very careful not to toss my socks in the laundry hamper, lest they end up in the dryer with fabric softener.  No, I put them under the bench in our bedroom, with my running shoes.  I thought they’d be safe there until I was ready to wash them.  Wrong.
While I was out Sunday meeting Teresa Giudice, my amazingly helpful husband was home.  Doing laundry.  Washing my socks.  And using FABRIC SOFTENER.
Me: Where are my socks?
Hubs: In the dresser with the rest of your socks.
Me: Why?
Hubs: Because I washed them.
Me: You washed them?  What are you not supposed to use on those socks.
Hubs: Damn it!
So, while I appreciate his willingness to help, this is clearly a case of ‘if you want it done right…’  Now I’m off for a run.  In my $11 socks.  That probably won’t wick moisture like $11 socks should.
If I have stinky feet later, he’ll be the one that needs to apologize.
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3 Responses to Thank You for Ruining My Socks

  1. This is SO something my husband would do! Love it.

  2. Feeling your pain sister. Cannot tell you the number of hang to dry shirts that have been dried.

  3. I feel your pain!!
    And then if you complain to much, or give them a hard time about something that you had already told them, they will not do anything around the house with the excuse that we are to peculiar about doing things a specific way…

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