The 15 Best Shows On Netflix For Summer

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What To Watch On NetflixIt is hot.  H-O-T  I’m not going to lie… For the next 2 months, you will find me parked inside in the air conditioning quite frequently.  Now, I can tolerate the heat to some degree.  My kids, they cannot.  We will spend some time at the pool, but we will spend a lot of time inside doing other things – crafts, movies, games and yes, some screen time with their Kindles and Xbox.

Once the littles go to bed, I’ll be binge watching some older shows on Netflix.  I’ve put together a little list of what I think are the best 15 shows to binge watch on Netflix.  Some I’ve already blown through myself and some are on my list to get through during this insane heat wave we’ve already started experiencing (and it’s only June!).

Dexter – A serial killer with a conscience? Yes!  It’s dark, it’s mysterious and its definitely not kid-friendly.  You need to watch this though, start to finish!

Sons of Anarchy – I’m currently watching te 7th and final season.  This is another dark, can’t watch with the kids up, kind of show.  It’s intense, emotionally twisted and will make you question your family ties.

Breaking Bad – I haven’t watched it yet, but from what I’ve heard, it’s a can’t miss and one that’s definitely on my list for the summer.

Orange Is The New Black – I have ony heard good things about OITNB and I can’t wait to dive in.

The Wonder Years – If I have to tell you about The Wonder Years, you obviously aren’t from around here.  I watched it as a kid, but I’m going to watch it again as an adult.  I think I will have a new found love for the show.

The Walking Dead – A little gorey, but a ton of walking dead fun!  How can you not love zombies?  And if I just spolied it by telling you there are zombies, well… I’m just sorry.

Pretty Little Liars – Another show that I hear great things about.  It’s on my list!

House of Cards – Kevin Spacey.  Enough said.  How could you not watch this show?

The West Wing – I love this show when it was on the air and I still love it.  Politics, drama…it’s almost like reality tv!

Lost – I don’t know why I never watched Lost when it was on the air.  I tried to watch it once, and just couldn’t get past the first episode.  I don’t know why, but I gave it a second go and I was SO hooked.  Lost was one of those shows that literally left me reeling at the end.  There *needs* to be more!

One Tree Hill – It may have a little to do with it being filmed in one of my favorite areas of my state, or maybe it’s just because it’s all young, angsty, love/hate filled life.  I always felt like I could relate.

Blue Bloods – I’ve caught bits and pieces of Blue Bloods and it’s been enough to make me know that I want to watch the show from the beginning.  It’s a cop drama, but is about so much more… family.

Cheers – Who doesn’t love a show about a bar?  It’s just good, classic comedy.

Saved By The Bell – This one, I can feel good about watching this one with my kids around.  They don’t need to know that Screech lost his mind later or about all the behind the scenes drama that has come out through the years.

Family Ties – I had NO idea Family Ties was on Netflix!  I loved this show growing up.  It was a good, wholesome, clean show.  Another one that I can feel good about watching with the kids around.

MacGyver – If you’ve never watched MacGyver, you should give it a go.  It’s drama, suspense and problem solving at it’s finest.  The stuff that man could do with a paper clip… If onl!

How many of these shows have you watched, start to finish?  What did you think of the ones you’ve watched?  Any that you particularly love or hate?  Which is your favorite?

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2 Responses to The 15 Best Shows On Netflix For Summer

  1. Mandy says:

    Oh snap! Had never thought to look for macguyver!

  2. Julie Buda says:

    I think the only one of those series that I have completely watched is Saved by the Bell. I haven’t watched it with my little one, but unfortunately I think her favorite character would be Screech. Ugh.

    I have seen most of Breaking Bad, Dexter, and One Tree Hill (love that Dawson’s Creek was filmed in Wilmington too!). Our new Netflix finds are The Blacklist and Lie to Me. The Blacklist is kind of like 24, without the annoying ticking clock. Lie to Me is great because it doesn’t seem like you have to watch the episodes in order. Also, you will begin to feel like a human polygraph whenever you talk to someone as you observe all of their body language. 🙂

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