The babies before babies

My daughter was my first child, but she’s not my oldest baby.  We added the first baby to our family
almost 10 1/2 years ago.
She was a bitty 2 pounds or so when we brought her home, full of spunk and with a soft spot for sleeping in a fluffy bed.  She’s got a bit more weight on her and maybe a little gray in her hair, but not much else has changed.
Baby #2 joined us about 6 months later.  She was a tiny white ball of fluff that fit into the palm of my hand.  She’s always been a snuggler and still loves to sleep curled up in the bend of my knees.  Sadly, she’s been blind for a few years and the kids scare her, so she spends a lot of time sleeping under our bed.
From time to time, she still shows her spunk, but she’s definitely the old lady around here.

 My babies have grown up.
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5 Responses to The babies before babies

  1. Kara says:

    Our first baby turned eight this month and he’s getting some gray in his muzzle. I don’t want him to age anymore.

  2. Laura and I have this discussion of who our first baby was. She came to the relationship with two cats. After a couple of ‘issues’ having kids – we got a kitten in a moment of panic / depression (we were in NYC at the time and we thought it was not fair to dogs for our lifestyle there). So technically that kitty was our first. However; she’s not a great cat and I don’t like to give her that title.
    When we moved to Virginia, we adopted an English Springer Spaniel – well – I surprised Laura with one for Christmas. Laura was suddenly very stressed about a dog even though we had wanted one for years. Turns out she was pregnant and just crazy pregnant. So we got our first official baby Sydney about a month after our first human baby Henry started growing in mama.
    So yeah – I get it. And now our baby Sydney is starting to go blind too. cheers J.

  3. Mandy Rappe says:

    Our first baby was Sadie. She’s our “out of wedlock” baby because we were just dating when we got her. Then along came Emma a year later, so she was our second baby. Both were rescued from terrible situations and we’re proud to have them as our own. With Emma being a Great Dane her life is probably well more than half way over. She’ll be 6 yrs old this Christmas and the average life expectancy is 8 years. It will be a sad day when she crosses the rainbow bridge. Hopefully no time soon though.

  4. Crystal says:

    Cute, cute, cute!!!! I remember when we got our dogs, but it was after our children. I have no clue how old Sadie or pitt is but Cesar our chi is 3 years old.

  5. Sheri says:

    I love your first babies!!! Dogs have been great friends to me over the years. Much more than just a pet.

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