The Day I Sold My Soul To The PTA

Isn’t my little preschool graduate cute?  It’s hard to believe that she’s a Kindergartener now and that she won’t truly graduate for another 12 years.  There’s so much to look forward to…
It was late Monday night, clearly I was running on end-of-a-long-weekend fumes.  I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but Hubs and I got on the subject of the PTA, referred to at our school as the PIT Crew (after all, we do live in NASCAR country and our school mascot is The Racers) or the Parent Involvement Team.  
I think it was because I had seen something posted on Facebook about a fundraiser I didn’t even know we were having yet.  It kills me to not be in ‘the know’.  I have control issues.  Really, I guess it less of a control issue and just more of an information issue.  If I know about something, I can plan for it.  If I can plan for it, it’s easier to fit it into the neat little OCD box my life has to fit into.  If it fits in the box, it doesn’t send me off the deep end.  See the benefit here for everyone if things fit in my box?
Anyway, back to the PTA… I had mentioned at some point in the last few months thinking about joining the PTA.  Not really because I want to be on the PTA to help make decisions, but really just to be involved and know what to plan for.  I also have a tendency to say things like ‘just be involved’ but end up doing things like running an HR Department for a non-profit.  As a volunteer.  Perhaps I occasionally get in a little over my head.
So Hubs, who is usually very against my plans to ‘just get a little involved’ with anything, is all on board with this PTA thing and encouraged me to reach out to the PTA pres, who he happens to have known since college.  So I did.  At this point, it was almost like he was enjoying some sort of a personal joke.  I think he thought it would be impossible for me to get ‘just a little’ involved and expected me to jump in head first.
Well, guess what buddy?  I may have sold my soul to the PTA, but only half of it.  I am very proud to say that I passed on the opportunity to chair a committee and simply joined as a committee member instead.  At least for now.  Once he thinks he’s in the clear, then I’ll go ahead and give in.  
Let’s be honest, we all know I will give in.  No one only sells half their soul to the PTA.
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2 Responses to The Day I Sold My Soul To The PTA

  1. I love it! And I adore that you are called the PIT Crew! I like to be in the know, too. I started one volunteer job (answering the phones in the morning when people call their kids in sick)so I would know what illnesses are going around school. You are my people. -Lisa

  2. Lizzy Do says:

    You’ll make great friends with the other parents on the PIT crew…you’ll be glad you got involved 🙂

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