The Man-Cold

Now, I know you are all jealous of my original artwork up there, but that’s all I got.  JC Little I am not.  And well, with Mr. Man-Cold in the house and Thing 1 and 2 out of school, I’m lucky to be posting at all.  Mr. Man-Cold did make it to work today, though he says that today is the worst he’s felt.  He is surely dying.
It started with drainage, then a sore throat and now a hacking cough.  Pretty much the same thing everyone else in this house has had for about a week.  We’ve all continued along our mundane little paths and are on the mend, but Mr. Man-Cold is dying.  Maybe the Dr. WriteAScript can help?  Every viral head cold needs a Z-Pac, right?  Ya know, just in case.  It’s safer than letting your body’s immune system attempt to do a little work on its own.
I could go on, but rather I leave you with this…
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  1. ellen says:

    Ok, don’t smack me but he is allergic to everything, much like me. It usually starts w/ allergies and then turns to a sinus infection and bronchitis for me everytime the weather changes. Earlier this week, I was dying. Fever, sweats, chills. So don’t be too hard on him. When us that have allergies already have swollen and inflamed nasal passages and then an infection starts, it’s he’ll. My rib muscles are so sore I am afraid to cough. ‘JS

  2. Thank you Jamie for sharing the oh So True “Man Cold” video.

  3. The man cold is awesome.

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