The road to Hell is paved with fishnet stockings…or was it tattoos?

Isn’t she cute?  Today was the kids’ Halloween Party at preschool and they got to dress up for a costume contest.  Addison was SO excited to put on her purple wig (the wig was choice 1 and we had to find a costume to match) and rock her GoGo boots at preschool.

Now, before anyone strains and eye trying to verify what they think they see, yes – she is wearing pink fishnet stockings.  Last year she wore black.  She also sporting about 3 tattoos in various locations under her dress that seem fairly permanent…they just won’t come off.  Maybe she’s destined to have them forever?  She’s wearing make-up too.  I put it on her without her asking, as I know how much she likes to wear it.
Now, I know a lot of parents will disagree with this little get-up, but I’m ok with that.  That’s the beauty of parenting…we don’t have to agree.  I doubt that my allowing her to dress in fishnets, have tattoos and wear makeup at 4 (nearly 5) will have any lasting effects, except that maybe she’ll grow up to wear fishnets, have tattoos and wear makeup.
Worse things could happen.
And, because it just isn’t fair to leave this post without sharing little man…

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5 Responses to The road to Hell is paved with fishnet stockings…or was it tattoos?

  1. kisatrtle says:

    I’m okay with pretty much everything you said. Great pics! Your kiddos are cute.

  2. Crystal says:

    LOVE the costumes! Way too cute. I wish they would let kids here dress up for school, but they stopped it a few years ago. =[

  3. Jessie says:

    You’re preaching to the choir my girl is “goth” this year lol 🙂 Enter your kiddos in this. Maybe 1 of us will win!

  4. LOVE. And adore. SO cute!

  5. Christine says:

    They are both so cute! I love their outfits. I have to share: my favorite Halloween memory is when at age 7 I was a gypsy and my Dad came to school with me to help with my costume and he put on my makeup! (Mom was with my sister at her school.) So I love seeing posts like yours, it brings back such happy memories.

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