The Snapshot That Changed Everything…

Back in April of 2007, I was a first time mom hell bent on capturing every runny nose, dirty diaper, burp, sneeze, groan and moan moment on my child’s life.  I quite literally have thousands of pictures from the first few months, all taken with my little point and shoot Kodak.
On that day in April, I decided to snap some pictures of the little miss in her first Easter dress.  She was not the most cooperative subject, and despite repeated attempts to get her propped up in a glider rocker, she keep scooting herself down.  At one point she slid herself down in such a way that the back of her dress ended up behind her head.  The end result was this:
Of course, I did a little retouching to it (very little with the super cheap program that I had and really didn’t know how to use) but even the raw image made me say ‘wow’.  Not ‘wow’ in a ‘I’m a stellar photographer’ sort of way, but ‘wow’ in a ‘look at the potential’ sort of way.
This picture is what made me want a DSLR.  It’s what made me want to learn how to do it right (and I’m still learning – SO MUCH left to learn!) but it was all because of this picture.
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  1. Jessie says:

    That is such a sweet shot! It is a constant growth for me b/c I am a little slow lol 🙂

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