The Ugly Truth About Us All

Generally speaking, I’m not much of a Kelly Clarkson fan.  She’s probably a perfectly wonderful person, her musical style just doesn’t appeal to me.  Or maybe it’s that the whole American Idol machine put a bad taste in my mouth.  I don’t really know.  Anyway, it isn’t often that I find myself listening to her music.
A week or two ago, it was either a Saturday or Sunday morning, Hubs has commandeered the TV from the children and flipped over to VH1 or MTV or one of those other music channels that rarely plays actual music and lo and behold, they were playing videos.  That’s where I heard this for the first time…
I could sit here and type the lyrics for you, word for word.  I could tell you that they are the story of my life.  The truth is that this song is about all of us.  No one wants to show it, their dark side.
We all slap on a mask and walk around hiding a part of us that is always there, just under the surface, threatening to expose us and our ugly secrets.  The secrets that we only share with a few.  The secrets that make and break friendships.  
We don’t share the ugly parts of life.  Why?  What are we so afraid of?  Being judged, loosing friends, exposing ourselves?
This is the stuff that builds friendships, ladies.  By hiding these parts of ourselves, we only perpetuate the image that some of us are broken.  We aren’t broken.  Not at all.  The dark side, it’s only a fraction of who we are.  Holding it in, keeping it to yourself, that simply allows it to grow.
Let each other in.
Let people be your friend.
Let them truly know you and be there to remind you who you really are when the dark parts creep to the surface.
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5 Responses to The Ugly Truth About Us All

  1. mommasmeals says:

    I freakin love this song!! You raise a good point, I never even though about the things you’ve mentioned. Great post Momma!

  2. This is such a lovely, poignant post. A great message that we all should reflect on. Also, I hadn’t heard that song before, but it is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  3. gina valley says:

    So important tohave people in your life whom you can be truly honest with.

  4. Not Isis says:

    I like your dark side… <3

  5. I’m a Kelly fan, but I love this song and you just made me truly listen to the words. I don’t care what side you share with me – I’m here for the long haul, my friend. 😉 And now I will try and not cry. Damned pms.

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