Fifteen of the Best Adult Coloring Books

Best Adult Coloring Books

I have a new hobby.  Well, maybe it’s not a “hobby” exactly and it’s really not “new” per se. After all, I have loved to color since I was an itty bitty little thing.  Before adult color books really became a thing, I’d pick which coloring books to push my kids toward based on what they had in them that I wanted to color.  That’s bad, I know.  I’m not ashamed.

With both kids getting older, they’ve really started embracing drawing their own things more so than sticking to coloring books, but me… I’m reverting to my early education years and just want to color.  My books, colored pencils and a sharpener are almost always on the table in the kitchen, and when I have a few seconds to spare in the quiet chaos of dinner preparation, waiting on everyone to get themselves together to head out the door, or any other 60 second period where I’m waiting in limbo, I grab my colored pencils and color in a section or two of whatever page I’m working on.

It’s a slow go, but I like it that way.  I can really see what I’m working on changing and evolving.  I take my time choosing which colors go where and imagine how everything will look in the end.  Being able to control and develop something in this chaotic world, it’s pretty therapeutic.  I’ve spent some time checking out all of the different adult coloring book options on Amazon (gotta love that Prime!) and have put together a list of what I think are the 15 best adult coloring books they have to offer.  Just click the images, which are my Amazon affiliate links, and it will take you straight to the item page on Amazon

Do you love to color too?  If you do, grab one (or more) of these awesome books and have yourself some fun!  Don’t forget colored pencils, they work best, and a nice sharpener too!  I think I’m going to collage some of my finished pieces together for wall art or possibly put some of them on pieces of wood using Mod Podge.  Do you have an ideas for what to do with the finished pieces?

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  1. janet in nc says:

    Love it! Big fan of Secret Garden, great inspiration on Insta, also enjoyed a holiday coloring book too.

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